Alan H.J. Rocker                   Email: arocker @

                            EXPERIENCE SUMMARY
           Systems:  Unix SVR[34], Solaris, SCO, Xenix (Vp/ix), Linux, 
                     TCP/IP LANs, X, Motif, IBM MVS & MS-DOS, Mac, CP/M, &c
	   Languages: Awk, C, COBOL, dBase, English, FoxBase, Korn/Bash shell, 
           Perl, Progress

           Recent experience - Reverse chronological order                    
           Feb.  2008 - January 2011

           Broadridge Financial Solutions - Back-office services for finance

	   Implemented an automated system which had previously been a 
	   tedious, labour-intensive and error-prone process, using Perl and
	   shell scripts and coordinating with the operations department.
           Some jobs required generation of code for Autosys and Oracle.  
	   Systems set up with Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs) 
	   were used to simulate and test the environment prior to 
	   migrating into production. Some of the existing system was 
	   refactored as well, improving security.

	   Used my previous training experience to train and mentor 2 
	   Windows-oriented colleagues in Perl and Unix techniques and 

           Oct.  1999 - 2007

           Willcam Group (now part of Global Knowledge) - training organisation. 
           Instructed on Unix, Perl and related topics

           Aug.  1999 Linux system administration

           MET Enterprises  Software developer

           Installed Linux machine in network & set up NFS link

           April 1999 Progress 8 application developer

           TCN Systems (System Developer & ISP)

           Wrote Progress  / HTML (4) interface for data entry

           May   1998 - November 1998 Progress 8,2 application developer

           DST (Canada)         (Financial software package vendor) 
           Added table and related code to database for Quebec LIF 
           processing. (On-line & batch). Modified other programs,.
           most dealing with segregated funds interface.

           April 1997 - April 1998 Progress 7.3 application implementor /
                         system administrator (SCO Open Server)
           Apps Express Cartage (Trucking company)    
           Developed Progress programs to supplement package
           Installed new version of Progress
           Installed application upgrade & modified programs
           System administration taskss
           Dec 1996 - Feb 1997   Network Implementor
           MET Enterprises (Unix software vendor)
                Installed network PCs/terminals to Interactive Unix
           June - Nov 1996   Database implementor / Progress 7.3 programmer
           CJRT-FM (Non-profit radio station)

                Re-engineered & installed deposit cheque system for 
                student registration database (Progress), and revised 
                WordPerfect macros for documents. Implemented e-mail.
           July 1995 - June 1996  Computing Services Coordinator 
           McCarthy Tetrault - Lawyers       
                     System administration & management. Supervised operat-
                     ions staff. Managed computer-room environment, includ-
                     ing UPS, and upgraded fire-protection system. 
                     Replaced  Xerox  4050 laser printer with  HP-5s  (using 
                     TCP/IP) for main output devices. Cleaned up neglected 
                     file systems. Wrote shell scripts, WP macros and Awk 
                     programs for operations and users. Dealt with operational 
                     emergencies. Managed X-25 network and multiplexors, and 
                     interface to Netware through Portable Netware. Dealt 
                     with accounting package vendor enhancements and bug fixes. 
                     Liased with PC network support staff. Minor application 
                     DG Aviion with DG/UX (Unix, basically SVR4 but with some 
                     BSD features) and Portable Netware running CLO*2 (law 
                     firm accounting package)
           Apr - May 1995  CJRT-FM (Non-profit radio station)
                     Minor system administration. Setting up PC as magnifying
                     terminal for visually-impaired user. Analysed requirements
                     for student registration and re-engineered accounting 
                     Coordinated implementation of Progress package for these.
                     (UNIX SVR4 & Xenix - shell scripts & SQL from Integra).
           (1990-93) Implemented Record Library Catalogue (Dos/Xenix) 
                     (Actual  work  only  took a few  days,  but  they  need 
                     handholding  and  advice from time to  time,  plus  new  
                     Devised system, designed forms, trained user (librarian). 
                     Bought terminals. Fixed panics.
                     Standard   MS-DOS  database   (Cardbox-Plus)   provides 
                     catalogue facilities required, running under Vp/ix on
                     386 with Xenix. Multiple users R/O access via links. 
           BYTE/NSTL (National Software Testing Laboratory) Nov - Dec 1994
                     Compared  printers (ranging from desktop dot-matrix  to 
                     network laser print servers) for ergonomics, quality of 
                     documentation,  accuracy  of  manufacturers'   supplied 
                     information, and quality of output. 
           Empress Software. (Database vendor)           April - July 1994
                     Part  of  the team working on their new  X  Motif  GUI-
                     builder  tool. Created technical concept manuals,  user 
                     reference manuals, and an introductory tutorial,  while 
                     the design team were evolving the product.
           DEN Micro Consultants (Micro software vendor) Jan - Feb 1993
                     Converted FoxBase Trust Accounts System to (networked)
                     Clipper (Novell network).
           Don Mills Technosystems (Software developer) Jan - May 1992
                     Project manager for AS/400, SUN, Xerox spooler system
                     Dealt   with  hardware  and  software   suppliers   and 
                     potential project staff.
                     Set up SUN workstation, analysed, bought and installed
                     Ethernet network. Installed IBM channel emulation card.
                     Installed beta software package, analysed activity, and 
                     established interface with Xerox printer.
                     Prepared for TCP/IP link with AS/400. 
           Ministry of Housing      February - March 1992 
                     Documented FoxBase LAN system (using AWK).          
           MET Enterprises. (Unix software vendor) September 1991
                     Converted  IBM MARC tape (variable number of  variable-
                     length fields) to Unix COBOL format (wrote C program to           
                     do the conversion). (RM-COBOL on 386 Interactive Unix).  
                     1992 Ported COBOL code to SUN
                     1987 Developed packet radio network concept  
                     1983 Helped port NCR 8350 COBOL code to NCR Tower
                     Also various minor DOS projects for friends.        
           Other Clients (Partial List, in alphabetical order)      
                     Centennial College
           1985           Installed network printer
                     Ontario Civil Service Commission.
           1987           Ministry of Industry & Tourism.
           1986 - 89      Ministry of Consumer & Commercial Relations
           1981 - 89      Ministry of Government Services.
           1983 - 89      Ministry of Natural Resources
                          Established Easytrieve macro libraries
                          and procedures. (JCL & SPF).
                          Developed Easytrieve information systems  
                          Wrote Travel Accounting system (dBase II/III)
                     Royal Canadian Institute (Scientific society)
           1986           Transferred member file from VAX to Macintosh
           1993           Implemented Dac-Easy accounting system 
                    Schwartzendruber Ltd. (Vending & Catering) 
           1988           Developed remote data collection system concept
           1981 - 85      System selection & spreadsheet applications 
                                    SKILLS SUMMARY
           Implementation specialist
           -  Understand  sociology  of  systems  introduction  -  need  for 
              motivation, training, support & follow-up
           Problem definition & analysis
           - Can  interview users & potential users (from clerical  to  top 
             executive)  to  determine  problems  with  existing  systems & 
             requirements & criteria for new systems
           - Understand business considerations 
           - Have learnt to read "unspoken" requirements & body language
           - Can write readable reports on studies
           Feasibility studies
           - Know enough about hardware (embedded to  mainframe,  including 
             networks)  and software (from operating systems through tools  to 
             applications)   at   all  levels   to   determine   if   proposed 
             configuration is plausible.
           - Can use libraries & other resources to research possible solutions
           Data analysis, design and normalisation
           - Can design data structures for file systems & relational databases
           - Understand object orientation for systems
           System design
           - Understand importance of designing systems for extremes as well 
             as routine circumstances (e.g. backup/restore)
           - Insist on user representation in design issues
           - Have studied user interface design considerations
           -   Can design test scenarios to stress systems (both for  normal 
               circumstances and beyond normal limits)
           -   Consider  dimensions of testing to be correctness  (does  the 
               system give the right answers), performance (does it give them 
               fast  enough to be useful), robustness (the system should not be 
               crashable), and usability (can representative  users  learn  it 
               quickly, use it correctly, and enjoy the experience).
           -  Can produce system & program specifications to several  levels 
              of detail (from system synopsis to program function definition).
           -  Can write user instructions (although if the system  is  well 
              produced these will probably never be read)
           - Can learn new languages & packages without formal training 
           - Can  program in PROGRESS, COBOL, Easytrieve, XBase, C, AWK,  
             Perl,and  various batch/script languages.
           - Can use consumer products (e.g. word-processors,  spreadsheets) 
             as components of systems, with macros as necessary
                                 Miscellaneous Skills
           Research  - Can read manuals & use an index, so can  function  in 
              cross-platform environments
           Hardware  - able to work with hardware down to board level  (will 
             use screwdriver but not soldering iron)
           Writing   -  Have had articles published in trade magazines
           Presentation - Enjoy public speaking & presentations
           Leadership    -  Generally accepted as task-oriented  &  sincere, 
             hence  able  to  enlist  cooperation of  others.  
                                  Employee Positions.
           1977-1980 Pansophic (Toronto) Technical Support Representative
           1975-1977 K-Mart (Toronto)    1977 Assistant Manager, POS system.
                                         1976      Systems Programmer
                                         1975      Project Leader   
           1974-1975 Mobil Oil Company (Sevenoaks, UK) Programmer     
           1972-1974 Excess Insurance (Worthing, UK)       "
           1970-1971 Reed Computer Services (London, UK)   "
           1968-1970 American Express IBC (UK & Frankfurt, Germany)
           1967-1968 English Electric Computers (UK) Trainee Programmer 
           1966-Present    Some U. of T. Courses, Canadian Securities,
                           Programming management, Introduction to Packet 
                           Switching, Public Speaking, Sales, Assembler, 
                           Easytrieve, Panexec, Acting, Computer graphics
           1966            4 GCE 'A'-levels
                          Flying (Commercial Pilot with multi-engine, 
                          instructor, instrument & float ratings)
                          Windsurfing & Sailing
                          Personal Computing
                          British & Canadian