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"That's just typical! Five minutes before the most important party of my life and the house is destroyed by a giant sandwich." -- Rik, "The Young Ones"

October 7, 2006: As is probably obvious by now, I'm no longer maintaining this site. I left the computer industry in May of 2001 and have become a teacher of English as a second language, a profession that requires far less forced idle time at the computer, and so most of my websites have fallen by the wayside. My mental health seems worlds better for the change.

I do have a lot of pictures up on Flickr, which is where you can see some of what's going on with me these days. The biggest news is that I gave birth to a beautiful baby named Clara Elizabeth on October 3, 2006.

A bit about me: I'm a happily married thirty-something. I knit. I don't eat meat. I like old movies. I'm an immigrant to Canada. I was an English major. I've been on the Internet since 1989. I am not a morning person. I used to have two fat, happy, loving boy cats; now I have two less fat but equally loving girl cats. In high school I tried to run everything (yearbook, drama club, etc.) but I don't do that anymore. I am a good editor and proofreader, although not always of my own writing. I can't stand flavored coffees and I hate licorice. I love dark chocolate, especially the expensive stuff. I danced with Jonathan Richman once. I grew up in the country but I live in the city now. I loathe manufactured, pointless melodrama. I love to travel. I get a kick out of wearing dark red lipstick every now and then. After floating around quite a bit on the Keirsey Temperament Sorter scale, I seem to have settled down into being an INFP.

In July, 1999, I made my first trip to Paris.

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