the REEL WORLD: 1909

The Light That Came

A one-reeler directed by D. W. Griffith when he was at the Biograph Company, this film tells the Cinderella-inspired story of a homely young woman with two beautiful sisters. Our heroine has a large scar or boil on her face (obviously fake, but no matter), and falls in love with a blind man. Will he still love her when his sight is restored?

This is a fairly standard early silent, with all the action taking place in room-shaped sets with a static camera pointing in, photographing the actors in long shot. The "AB" logo (for "American Biograph") is always visible, to try to prevent other companies from distributing the film or parts of it as their own. Films from these days generally did not have individual actors credited, as film companies wanted their product to be identified by the company name, not by those of people who worked for them. This was one of nearly 150 movies that Griffith made in 1909.

The IMDb credits Griffith's usual cameraman, G. W. "Billy" Bitzer, and lists Mary Pickford and her sister Lottie in the cast, as well as Owen Moore (later to become Mary's first husband) and, oddly enough, Mack Sennett, later the famous slapstick comedy director and creator of the Keystone Cops.

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