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Sites of the day

These links point to sites that are updated one or more times daily.


  • SMUG. My friend Leslie's great zine, with more New York City attitude than you can possibly imagine.
  • Salon. I used to visit it every day, but I don't like it nearly so much since their most recent redesign and their fawning attentions on whiny rich Boomers with spoiled kids named Tyler and Brittany.
  • The Onion. How I love The Onion.
  • C'est Need to Know! -- bills itself as "the weekly high-tech sarcastic update for the UK." Always a fun read; comes out on Fridays.
  • FEED. Lots of smart writing about interesting stuff.

Web logs

  • Robot Wisdom -- one of my favorite sites these days. An intelligent, thought-provoking Weblog with some great Webcam pages. The owner seems very prickly when it's suggested to him that not all Weblogs are created alike, though.
  • Memepool -- "life support for the terminally bored."
  • Flutterby
  • CamWorld
  • Honeyguide

Other diversions

Software and toys

  • Ambrosia Software, a company that develops Macintosh shareware that rocks. I particularly recommend Apeiron, a game based on Centipede, and Chiral, which is sort of Tetris for chemists.
  • LucasArts, George Lucas's software company. They produce some fantastic games. We lost at least a week to Sam and Max Hit the Road.
  • RealNetworks, software that enables you to listen to audio or watch video in real time. Listen to Jim Hightower's daily rants, tune in to CBC Radio, and more.
  • Imagine Radio. Program your own radio station in RealAudio.

Search engines

The Web has changed a lot since I put this site up in late 1994. I used to link stuff like Alta Vista and Lycos and WebCrawler and HotBot, but I'm not doing that anymore. Most of the search engines have turned themselves into "portals," with Yahoo-style directories and news tickers and animated graphics and people finders and ads for free email addresses and and and... and they all look more or less alike. Feh. When I go to a search engine page, I want a good search engine. That's all.

So: the biggest advance in search engine technology recently seems to be Google. It lists sites according to how many other sites link to them, so you know the first few sites listed are well-respected by others on the Web. Scott Rosenberg, a columnist on Salon, points out that a couple of graduate students came up with Google, and says, "That a couple of grad students could build a better search engine than a whole raft of media and technology companies with stock-market valuations in the billions does not speak well of how these firms are spending their budgets." Heh.

Oh yeah, and Ask Jeeves is kind of fun, too.

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