Hotel de Nesle

I arrived in Paris on July 22, 1999. This is the Hôtel de Nesle, where I spent three nights. I arrived after a sleepless night on the plane, dutifully showing up around 10am as I had been instructed, because the hotel doesn't take reservations. The reception area featured a very large woman named Renée, sitting behind a battered antique wood table, speaking an odd mix of French and English, and asking for payment in cash for one night at a time plus a deposit of 100 francs for the room key. The reception room itself was dimly lit and full of bookshelves piled high with old, old books; big, overstuffed chairs; and Art Deco travel posters. The ceiling had dark wood rafters and was covered in hanging bouquets of dried flowers. Mmm. Even better was the hotel's location: it was right around the corner from Pont Neuf.

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Last updated August 19, 1999