Le Jardin du Luxembourg

A shot of some flowers, some of the statuary, and the sand-covered walkways in the Jardin du Luxembourg. The Eiffel Tower is lurking in the background.

The gardens were teeming with people, some resting or reading in the shade, others sunbathing, others playing in the fountains, still others seated in metal chairs waiting to hear and then listening to a wind ensemble composed of American college students on a performing tour of Europe. I pulled up a chair a fair distance from the gazebo where they were playing, and sat and knitted for a while. I had to leave after they played the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" -- why do Americans always have to wave the flag and thump their chests no matter where they are? -- and I couldn't stand to listen anymore to the weak, nearly tuneless sopranos. The winds themselves were good, though.

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Last updated August 15, 1999