Inside the Louvre pyramid

I decided I would spend my last day in Paris at the Louvre. I had wanted to go up to Montmartre, the Cimitière Père-Lachaise to visit all the cats (when I was in Amsterdam in 1996, I visited de Poezenboot three times), and Les Pigalles to see the seedy side of the city, but the Métro was shut down for most of the day because it was the last day of the Tour de France and Paris was being stormed by cyclists and spectators. So off to the Louvre I went.

To get into the Louvre, you have to wait in line outside the biggest of the glass pyramids and wait to go through a security checkpoint. Then you go down an escalator or a spiral staircase (or an elevator, if you need one) and wait in another line to buy tickets. I took the picture above on the way down the stairs. (There are other entrances, but the lines weren't too bad that day, and I wanted to go in through the pyramid.)

Because it was Sunday, admission was 26F, not 45F. Hooray for happy coincidences.


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