An Egyptian statue

To my delight, I had to go through two long exhibits (one thematic, one chronological) of ancient Egyptian art and artifacts. I've always been fascinated by Pharaonic Egypt. This statue was unlabeled, but it was so beautiful and well-lit that I photographed it without knowing where or when it was from.

The Winged Victory had a large landing to herself. She was much smaller than I'd expected, and there were dozens of people photographing her. (You've probably all seen pictures of her, which is why I'm not including one here. Ditto for Venus de Milo, who was also being photographed by the hordes.)

After looking at all the ancient Egyptian musical instruments and games and food utensils and sarcophagi and wall paintings and baskets and weapons and statuary and mummies, I headed for the large French paintings. The rooms full of paintings are just insane. The rooms themselves are beautiful, with immensely high ceiling, and the walls are nearly covered with paintings, some ten feet off the floor. Oh, look, it's Géricault's Raft of the Medusa. And there's Ingres' Grande Odalisque, and about a dozen dozen other paintings, each of which could probably stand up to several hours' scrutiny. Utterly overwhelming.


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