Le Louvre

This was one of a series of pictures I took while trying to extricate myself from the grasp of the overenthusiastic Frenchman. This is only one small section of the Louvre, which goes on for blocks. The Louvre used to be a royal palace, and it's a bit overwhelming.

Every European reference I saw to I. M. Pei, the architect of the initially infamous but now celebrated glass pyramids, spelled out his name, Ieoh Minh. I've seen several of his buildings in the US, but never his full name before. Odd.

The Ferris wheel in the background is the one I rode the first day I was in Paris. I hopped into a seat next to a couple of European guys of not immediately apparent nationality, and we rode around many more times than I'd expected. It was great fun.

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Last updated August 12, 1999