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This is a collection of pictures of places I've been, things I've done, and people who are important to me. They're roughly in chronological order. Also on this site are the pictures from Dave's and my wedding, which happened on November 10, 1997.

My great-grandparents and grandparents

These are all of my dad's family. I don't know how many pictures exist of my mother's extended family; I have the ones that are here because my dad's mother died on February 19, 1998, and over the weekend of the funeral, we (aunts, uncles, parents, cousins) spent a lot of time going through a suitcase of old pictures and choosing ones to be copied. So. Here, with many thanks to my aunts Jeanne and Susie, are copies of some real family heirlooms.
  • A daguerrotype of Amelia Jenkins Blalock, my great-grandmother, taken sometime before 1900.
  • J. T. Blalock and family, 1899: these are my great-grandparents, John Tolliver Blalock and Amelia Jenkins Blalock, and their first two children, Cleo and (my grandmother) Lucy.
  • Lucy wearing a little dress and round straw hat, scowling and playing with her dolls, about 1904.
  • "The Little Uncles" -- T.J. Way II (my grandfather) and his brother Terry, who was still in diapers and therefore in a cute white dress. This picture is probably from about 1905 or so.
  • Lucy and two friends, Ethel Lee Hyles and Prudie Hicks, in 1918, when they were in high school. Lucy is in the middle. This is probably my very favorite picture of her.
  • A portrait of Lucy, taken in 1924. I've had the original framed. I love this picture so much.
  • A snapshot of the Blalock clan, about 1932 (before my dad was born). The shadow across the top left corner is unfortunate, but everyone is still recognizable. Back row, left to right: Johnnie Blalock, Amelia Blalock, J.T. Blalock, Cleo Blalock Maxwell, Eulan Blalock, Tom Way II, and Lucy Blalock Way. Front row, left to right: Cleo's children John Alfred and Dorothy Marie, and Lucy's children Amy Sue and (in Lucy's arms) Jeanne. Johnnie was the half-brother of Cleo, Lucy, and Eulan.
  • A studio portrait of Lucy and her three kids, Jeanne, Thomas, and Amy Sue. Thomas is my father.
  • Lucy holding a brand-new me, February, 1970.

My parents

My dad
  • In 1942 or 1943, when he was about nine. Note the "V for Victory" at the top of the picture.
  • In 1950, when he graduated from high school (he was 15).
  • In 1958 or 1959, when he was in Germany in the US army (peacetime draft).
  • In 1970, with a very, very new me in his arms. His hands are about as big as I was then.
  • In 1971, in Boulder, Colorado. That's me on his shoulders.
(Pictures of my mother coming as soon as she sends me some.)
Both parents

My college graduation

Only one here, because graduation shots tend to look all alike (everyone in those funny hats). This is a picture of my sister and me. Note the bottle of champagne in my hand -- I think I finished the whole thing by myself over the course of that day. Whee! Taken in May, 1991, when I was 21 and my sister was 14. She doesn't look anything like that anymore -- see?

Dave's and my cross-Canada drive, summer 1994

These pictures are now part of An American's Guide to Canada -- please visit!

Dave's and my trip to Texas, December 1994

On this trip we met Kerry Lutz and David McNickle, both cool and nice guys. This was the Dallas leg. In Lubbock, one of my parents took my favorite picture of Dave and me.

Various alt.society.generation-x gatherings


  • Me in first grade, in 1976. My mother embroidered the pattern onto my jumper.
  • Me in tenth grade, in 1985, with my viola. I still have it, but haven't played it in years. It needs new strings and a bow, sigh.
  • Me in evenink vear before a college formal in 1991. Proof that at one point in my life, I have indeed worn makeup. Hee.
  • The "Welcome to Muleshoe" sign from Muleshoe, Texas (in the Texas Panhandle, near Hereford and Bovina. Honest). It's here just because.
  • Finally: a decent picture of me!
  • A great picture of Dave (my love) -- I took it when we were in Scotland in June of 1996.
  • Another cute one of Dave, taken in front of the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.
  • The two best cats in the world: Percy and James. Here are two more of James: a full face shot and a profile. James was reluctant to be photographed for these two, but my patience seems to have paid off -- I was amazed when I got the prints back. Notice the claws, and their result. (That poor chair...)

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