Environmental resources, and sites to help you appreciate the outdoors Content

  • The Web server for Greenpeace. While I don't always agree with their confrontational tactics, I support them because they work hard to create markets for responsibly and sustainably produced materials.
  • The EnviroLink, the largest collection of enviromental resources on the net.
  • My food and drink page. What's the deal with food's impact on the environment, you ask? Consider this quotation from David Siegel:
    Let me put it this way. Suppose you and I lead the same lives, environmentally, but you eat steak twice a week and I don't. I would have to leave my kitchen tap running all the way open and my car idling 24 hours a day, seven days a week, just to keep our environmental balance sheet even. And that's just the beef.
    Scary, huh?
  • Information about McDonald's libel suit against two British Greenpeace activists. McDonald's isn't looking too good.
  • The Western Canada Wilderness Committee is one of the main organizations trying to stop the destruction of the rainforest at Clayoquot Sound on Vancouver Island.
  • The Virtual Garden, with how-to resources, and the searchable Time-Life Plant Encyclopedia.
  • The Great Outdoor Recreation Pages. Information about attractions, activities, and lots more.

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