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Following are links to pictures of people who met in various a.s.g-x venues.

New Orleans

These were taken on December 30 and 31 of 1994 and January 1 and 2 of 1995, when a surprisingly large number of us showed up in New Orleans, Louisiana, for what has become known fondly as the New Orleans Tingle.
  • Tim Kordas and Chris Lehmann on the front steps of the house that was later turned into the Den of Iniquity (tm).
  • Kathleen Hubbard and Erich Schwarz, at the Please U Restaurant, where several of us had a late breakfast on the morning of the 31st.
  • B. Erin Cole and Jim Geluso at the pub on Bourbon Street where a bunch of us sat around on the afternoon of New Year's Eve, listening to good music and attaching business cards to the wall.
  • Eric Scheidler, getting ready to take a picture in the same pub.
  • The Poncho Brigade. We got caught in the rain on the 31st in the French Quarter, so some of us bought some cheap plastic ponchos to try to keep dry. From left to right: Jim Geluso, B. Erin Cole, Eric Scheidler, April Scheidler, Kathleen Hubbard, Dave Mooney, and me (Emily Way).
  • Bob Cooperman and Tino D'Amico discussing something or other at the Old Dog New Trick restaurant on the early evening of the 31st.
  • Maia Gemmill, thoroughly enjoying herself at the restaurant.
  • Chris shows us his uvula. Taken in the Old Dog New Trick Cafe, shortly before the next one.
  • Chris and the cross-dressing waiter, with Eric Scheidler giggling away to the left. Hee hee.
  • Cuervo the Moose, pet of Alex Darke. Note the Mardi Gras beads.

Toronto (August 1997)

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