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19-Aug-2013: RadioFreeZetox has again accepted an invitation to be the DJ at the Reversed Polarity Saturday Night dance!

What Is RadioFreeZetox?

Exiled from his home galaxy, RadioFreeZetox crashes to earth and is forced to serve mankind by playing the music that will make them dance. Perhaps if he gets enough fans to dance, he will be allowed to return to his home planet? Only time will tell...

RadioFreeZetox is the DJ alter-ego of Andrew Gurudata, a dual-citizen of the Montreal and Toronto science fiction fandom communities since 1991. RadioFreeZetox made his first "pinch-hit" appearance at Montreal's ConCept convention in 2006. This lead to him being the recurring DJ for Concept in Montreal and Ad Astra in Toronto for several years, with appearances at FutureCon, WorldCon, and various other events for the "fandom community", including birthdays, wedding receptions, Christmas paries, and fundraising dances. He has also appeared on TV as the Guest DJ in an episode of CITY-TV's Ed& Red's Night Party!

The Music of RadioFreeZetox

RadioFreeZetox focuses on a blend of "retro-80s" and "modern rock alternative", with dabblings into other genres at the fringes of these styles. RadioFreeZetox does NOT play much Disco or HipHop or Techno. However, you never know what surprises may pop in when the songs start playing...

RadioFreeZetox does play requests, but does have request guidelines that you should read before sending your request. Requests can be submitted using the RadioFreeZetox online request form.

If you'd like to contact RadioFreeZetox for any reason, jump to the Share Signals With Zetox! page.

Future Plans: Radio Free Zetox Online

You'll soon be able to catch RadioFreeZetox between DJing events! "RadioFreeZetox Online" will be an interactive experience where you'll be able to listen to RadioFreeZetox while participating in direct communication with other listeners. Keep watching this space for upcoming details and show times!

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Updated: Aug 19th, 2013
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