The Basics
What on earth (or Zetox) is "RadioFreeZetox"???
Upcoming Events
What upcoming conventions and events will RadioFreeZetox be appearing at?
Past Events
A list of RadioFreeZetox's past events, including some photos and track listings.
Request Policy/FAQ
How can you request a song at the next event? Will it be played?
Make A Request
Send RadioFreeZetox a request for an upcoming event.
The Midnight Song Poll
RadioFreeZetox is choosing his midnight song. Get your vote in!
Share Signals With Zetox!
How to contact or keep in touch with RadioFreeZetox
List of website updates
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Change Log

For reference, here's a list of the most recent changes to this site.

12.0019-Aug-2013Major updates. Added invites for 2013
11.0001-Apr-2011Major updates. Added track lists from 2010 and invites for 2011
10.0005-Feb-2010Added Ad Astra 2010 & the Ad Astra Cantina
9.1004-Jan-2010Had to cancel Vernon birthday party.
9.0025-Dec-2009Coming soon: RFZ Online. Also added wintery background
8.0023-Dec-2009Added some more track listings. Added ConCept 2010 and the Vernon Birthday Party to the list of Upcoming Events.
7.1017-Jul-2009Added Anticipation
7.0020-Jun-2009Added ConCept 2009, made a lot of other minor updates.
6.1020-Jan-2009Added "My Blooody Valentine"
6.0007-Dec-2008Major updates across almost every page of the site
5.1015-May-2008FAQ Tweakage
5.0029-Apr-2008Added info on Ed & Red and Daryl & Sara's Wedding Reception.
4.0006-Apr-2008After Ad Astra 08.
3.0011-Mar-2008Updated - removed old events, added ConCept08.
2.0015-Jan-2008Updated - removed old events, added Ad Astra.
1.1027-Sep-2007Removed a Q from the FAQ
1.0127-Sep-2007Typo fixage.
1.0027-Sep-2007Initial version completed.
0.0125-Sep-2007Accidental early release of website. Oops!

The RadioFreeZetox Website v12.00
Updated: Aug 19th, 2013
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