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International Banding Project
1. Expedition Report 1998
Official report for the 1998 season. Includes a summary of the banding in Delaware Bay and Brazil.
Contributed by: Allan J. Baker, Clive Minton and Patricia M. González
PDF format (43 Kb).
Date: March 1999
2. Interim report for 1999 Expedition
An interim report of the 1999 season, including the Brazil expedition.
Contributed by: Patricia M. González
HTML format
Date: 12 August 1999.
3. Arctic Expedition Summary - 1999
A photo essay of the 1999 expedition to Southhampton Island to look for breeding Red Knots.
Contributed by: Mark Peck
HTML format. Illustrated.
Date: September 12 1999
4. Tierra del Fuego, Argentina Expedition, November 29 - December 10, 2000
A photo essay of the expedition to Rio Grande, Argentina in 2000.
Contributed by: Eric Simms and Patricia Gonzales
HTML format. Illustrated.
Date: January 2001

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