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But Why a WASA? Banding shorebirds
The study and management of migratory shorebirds requires an extension of efforts across political boundaries. There are numerous research efforts already underway in many different countries, and some of these are of international scope. Yet these projects often overlap. Scientists from different countries may be attempting to answer questions about the same aspects of migration or habitat conservation. Sometimes researchers are studying the same species, perhaps even the same flocks! Gaps between research efforts are formed as a result of this concentration of study in a few specific areas. It is these voids that must be filled in order to achieve higher levels of conservation and preservation. WASA was set up to provide an international forum for all those involved in the study and management of shorebirds on the West Atlantic Flyway. After a meeting of experts from Federal, State and non-profit organizations in September 1998 it was concluded that the numerous efforts to research and monitor shorebirds and to manage human impact on their habitat should be integrated in a more meaningful way, one that would avoid data duplication and could be used for management purposes.
Our Mission Releasing banded shorebird
  1. To promote the conservation and management of shorebird habitats across the Westerm Atlantic flyway through the collaborative efforts of international parties.
  2. To obtain support for shorebird research, monitoring, education and habitat management from a variety of constituents and managing agencies.
  3. To avoid data gaps and overlaps through the organization and coordination of research efforts.
  4. To relate data to management implications.
  5. To aid in public education by making information about shorebird migration and habitat conservation, preservation and management easily accessible to bird enthusiasts of all ages.
Our Sponsors
WASA is funded and run jointly by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) and The United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

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