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NEW! Transposer function allowing you
to change pitch/key of the ringtone!

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Select conversion type:
See below if unsure about format type.
  • RTTTL to Composer and Keypress
  • Composer to RTTTL and Keypress
  • Keypress to RTTTL and Composer
  • RTTTL:compress, change key/pitch
    Transpose: half-tones

Song Title: Tempo:

RTTTL notes MUST be separated by commas.
Use brackets to indicate HOLD in keypress, e.g. (3)


* Ringtone Formats:

There are three types of ringtone text formats for Nokia phones.
  • RTTTL or Nokring format
    Used by programs such as Nokring or LogoManager to upload ringtones to your phone via SMS or datacable. Cannot be used by the phone directly. E.g.
  • Nokia phone built-in composer format
    Newer Nokia phones such as 3390, 3210, 33xx has a built-in ringtone composer which allows user to key-in the ringtone manually. This is what the phone will display as you key in the note. This has more limitation than Nokring as it limits you to 50 notes and 3 octaves (instead of 4). Tempo is entered separately in the options. E.g.
    4c2 4d2 4e2 16- 8.#a3
  • Nokia phone composer keypress format
    Actual keypress sequence for the composer as discussed above. Bracketed numbers mean PRESS and HOLD the key until the "." appear on the phone display. Tempo is entered separately in the options. E.g.
    1 2 3 088 (6)8#*

* Misc:

  • History of changes.
  • Transposer: you can now change the key or pitch of the whole ringtone with ease. "+" positive values mean higher pitch; "-" negative values mean lower pitch. Each step is half-tones; and + or -12 means shift up or down one full octave.
    The RTTTL file will also be compressed to its most compact form.
  • Keypress to Nokring/Composer convertor should be useful to check for errors. Keypress format is most error prone as one typo or one missed key could affect the rest of the ringtone. This convertor would identify obvious errors and the Composer format would help you while keying in the notes.
  • You cannot preview or play the tone from this web page. One option is to copy and paste the tone into Nokring which can playback the ringtone.
  • You are invited to visit my collection of Nokring ringtones.


If you have any questions or problems, you can send me an email or fill out the form in my web page.
Lawrence Kwan

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