The Inner Landscape

The Inner Landscape

The Inner Landscape

During this experiential development retreat, you will explore systems, methods and practices for re-conceptualizing the natural world. Using hands-on methods, this training gives you the tools to design truly transformative programs, workshops, and lessons integrating new and unique perspectives on the environment. The course will take place both indoors and outdoors.

During this experiential retreat you will:

  • Further develop your understanding of and connection to the natural world
  • Experience and enact sustainability, realizing its application in a real-world context
  • Experience the interconnectedness of the natural world with new understandings
  • Use ecological knowledge to create unique, positive educational opportunities
  • Learn how to harness these understandings and experiences for the benefit of yourself and your students

Reconnect with Nature and learn to apply these understandings personally and to your work.

Eco Literacy is a relatively new term in education circles. It consists of understanding four inter-related concepts:

  • how people understand the world around themselves, and themselves within the world.
  • how nature works,
  • how our society and economy (“human systems”) depend on clean air water, and soil and other resources (products of “natural systems”).
  • how human interactions with the environment can have both positive and negative impacts on people and the natural world.

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Date: Mondays October 3 - Novmeber 2, 2016

Time: 6pm -9pm

Cost: $100