Our Style

Our Style

You will be challenged, delighted and surprised with our dynamic, participatory, personal, and wisdom based approach. Trainings included readings, lectures, discussion, exercises, and guest presenters. Improvisational acting, yoga, tai chi, and drumming are among the activities offered throughout the program. If there is one thing that I know it is that in order to be free you must know yourself. That in self-knowledge comes the wisdom, and the guidance, to create the life you want to live. This is, and has always been, a challenging process. For this reason the people with whom you engage on this journey are a crucial component of the success of the program.

By utilizing the creative force within each of us we progress far faster, and further than us as individuals. As the old African saying goes: “If you want to go quicker–go alone; if you want to go further–go together.” You need others to help you grow at some point. Humans are capable of growing indefinitely in that we gather knowledge and pass it along.

We are the inheritors of all that has been learned before- and we have the responsibility to learn well so that we may pass wisdom, creativity, and a viable planet along to our children and our children’s children. This program was founded on 4 years of design and research carried on through courses at The Living University, and it works. The structure brings together the different parts of your understanding–so that in the end you have a clear sense of what is important, and how to go about getting it.


Each course, workshop and programme, includes experiential exercises, meditation, reflection on how the material covered impacts, is understood and matters to you. We play with information by playing music, acting, using clay, drawing, writing, etc. And we do things to better understand information like make a personal plan, organize a workshop, or write a book. We also seek out experts in subjects we study so you learn how to apply the information we study.


Harness your emotional understanding, intuition, and confidence as it relates to course information. Use the gift of your heart, and your centre from which to evaluate and grow. Improve speaking and communication skills to show others the level to which you desire to succeed. We use movement, music, writing, & theatre as ways to access this dimension of our ability.


Intellect - Thoughts are Things Ideas are powerful! learn to focus them. Understand the ideas that are reflected in the literature of each subject. Explore what is possible, and what is understood about how things work. Learn excercises, and practices to direct your own, and others intellectual abilities. Focus on the positive results that you require for your projects.


Spirit - The Inward Journey Develop vision, and the ability to see how your learning process as a part of your spiritual journey. Examine the spiritual dimensions of information-skills of manifesting, using ritual and personal vision to make your learning useful in the widest possible sense. Develop the ways to bring your life into alignment with your community by using the information at hand. Understand the spiritual heritage from which information develops, gaining a depth of the insight that comes with this knowledge.