"Rik, help me, help me, Rik."
After traveling the world, mister Rik settles in Toronto and begins visiting the cultural hot spots and attending events which inspire a sense of ... a glimpse of ... truth. Through these doors come the people who play the roles that must be played, who sing the songs that turn the muses' heads, who paint or design, or sculpt that which cannot be said.

Welcome. Have a drink. Mango juice? Cinzano and soda? A double long espresso? Something to eat?

Announcing Rik's new website rixax.com the website dedicated to Rick Sacks' work in music, film, theatre and dance. Also containing supplemental material to his CD - Ten Planets. Visit today!!

Also announcing Rik's favorite watercolourist getting his own website www.eschongut.com.

Rik shows you to a seat with a fine view of both the Canadian landscape (weather permitting) and the goings-on around the café. He hands you a colorful program and points to his new addition, The Coffee Bar. You feel like a character in a movie.

You notice, in a corner, a mysterious person occasionally peering over a book, but the dancers have entered and all attention turns to the stage.

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Back door for a quick getaway but read the notes tacked on Rik's office door as you leave.