I haven't seen the wife and kids / / / / in over three years
I hear they're driving Pontiac, / / / / I've got no time for tears
I've got to stand on line
There's rattles in my ears
I'm part of the machine
It's a factory of fact,
no windows, just walls
and coff-ee breaks just give me the shakes
and everybody doing they're lit-tle part, building,
God knows what!
Life in the Factory....Life is a Fact - sorry
It's a factory of fears, I've been doing it for years
6 0'clock bus stop, 8 o'clock tick tock 10 o'clock sip sip 12 0'clock lunch box
and now it's afternoon! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
I'm a union man on the factory's plan
I've forgotten what i felt something's coming up the belt
I've got to do my job there's a family to support,
no time to ask for a bet ter way, I've forgotten how to talk
The boss behind the mirror, he thinks we're having fun
He's the only one who thinks at all today I bought a gun oh
Life in the factory
Life in the factory
I'm a robot with a frown.

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