Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Glass Orchestra?
The Glass Orchestra is a quartet of talented musicians who perform modern music on 1/2 ton of glass musical instruments of their own design.

Do you break many instruments?
The Glass Orchestra is probably the only ensemble in the world that can count on the total destruction of its instruments. The breakage can be caused by the musicians in performance or can be caused by the correct choice of baggage handling company. They have developed the breakage philosophy that now instead of one instrument there are two or more new instruments. When an instrument breaks the result is usually more harmonically complex and interesting to listen to. (Unless the destruction is total!)

How long have you been together? 1998 will be the Glass Orchestra's 21st season together.

Why do you use candles in the show?
The ensemble chooses to place many candles in and around the instruments during the show and turns the stage lights down very low because we like to see the hundreds of reflections in the instruments.

Do you ever get cut?
You quickly develop a sense of your medium.


Here is what some professional writers have said:

"This is Real ensemble music...gratifying music..."The Village Voice
"The most distinguished of Toronto's improvisatory ensembles, ...and undoubtedly the most unique..."National Globe and Mail
"A gift for hypnotic beauty"SOHO News
"With a grace...Outside manmade limits or laws..."New York Times
"...manages the rare feat of making New Music enjoyable..."Die Welt, Berlin
"I've never slept so well" un-named Shenzen dignitary(probably mistranslated from the Chinese)

 Do you have any recordings out? There are a small number of copies of "Human" remaining at the Canadian Music Centre:
20 St. Joseph Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4Y 1J9)

Where can I learn more about the properties of Glass

Where can I hear the Glass Orchestra?
The group performs twice a year in Toronto, Canada as part of their Toronto Concert Series. Occasionally there are special guest artists who perform with the ensemble.

Does the group only perform "serious concert music"?
No. The Glass Orchestra has a family show that they perform with storyteller Helen Porter. As far as "serious concert music" goes - the group brings their own brand of humour to the stage.


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