St. Lawrence U. Second Performance (First Performance click here)

You turn the old knob and push open Gregor's door a little...and go in.

Gregor's Room
A shambles except for a small picture on the wall, there are streaks of dirt lin
ing the walls and ceiling. The window is open a crack and there is a quivering mass under a sheet
under the cool leather couch. There is a door to the south that leads to Grete's room.

You see a crack in the door to the hall, an empty light socket in the ceiling (r
ecording), and the
keyhole to Grete's room here.

The place is a mess...

An entrance: KateF portraying Grete.
Grete comes in from Gregor's room and stops short.
Grete picks up a damp rag and scrubs at the dirt on the walls. Grete sighs and pushes her hair back from her forehead. "Useless."
Grete tosses rag on the floor and straightens the sheet on the couch.
KateF leaves for The Hallway
An entrance: DanU portraying Mr. Samsa.
Mr. Samsa comes in and crinkles his nose.
Mr. Samsa goes west.

Obvious exits: west to The Hallway and south to Grete's room

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