St. Lawrence U. Second Performance (First Performance click here)

The three lodgers' room
A very tidy room with three very tidy beds.
Just type 'sit' to try and relax here.

You see A vase with dried flowers (recording), a set of three beds, and bookjacket here.

(I think this Guest was before we all shoed up!)

An entrance: Neuber's_Guest portraying Herr Doctor.
Herr Doctor has arrived.
Herr Doctor hops on the first bed and almost gasps because of the rocklike mattress.
Herr Doctor grunts and clumsily gets up.
Herr Doctor is a little dazed as it leaves the Lodgers' room.
An entrance: KateF portraying Grete.
Grete has arrived.
Grete says, "It's tough not to feel foolish when you ahve a bug for a brother."
Grete mutters quitely to herself and readjusts the dried flowers.
Grete is a little dazed as she leaves the Lodgers' room.
An entrance: JohnS portraying Herr Doctor.
JohnS arrives from The Hallway
JohnS leaves for The Hallway
An entrance: AlexeiB portraying an observer.
AlexeiB teleports in
AlexeiB teleports out

Obvious exits: south to The Hallway

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