St. Lawrence U. Second Performance (First Performance click here)

Grete's room
This bedroom is surprisingly ordered for a teen-ager. It has a small, colorful set of figurines
lining an old mantle above a working fireplace. There is a desk with a computer
on the opposite wall. Grete's bed is made and there is a pair of pink slippers to step into on
the floor.

You see a Family Portrait (recording) and a keyhole to Gregor's room here.

An entrance: KateF portraying Grete.
KateF teleports in
Grete sits on bed and removes shoes. "Why must I take care of everyone?"
Grete says, "I'm so tired of being in charge."
Grete looks through a keyhole to Gregor's room.
Grete says, "Gregor? Honey, are you there?"
Grete says, ""Gregor" through keyhole"
Grete goes north into the insect's dark, heavy room.
An entrance: JohnS portraying Herr Doctor.
JohnS arrives from The Hallway
JohnS leaves for The Hallway
An entrance: KateF portraying Grete.
KateF teleports in
An entrance: JohnS portraying Herr Doctor.
JohnS arrives from The Hallway
Herr Doctor says, "Well..."
Grete falls to the bed.
Herr Doctor says, "You'll feel better after a little nap"
Grete says, "I like those pills. May I keep the bottle?"
Herr Doctor says, "of course"
Herr Doctor covers Grete and kisses her lighly on the forehead.
Grete says, "Why doesn't Papa love me, Doctor? I don't understand."
Herr Doctor says, "Goodnight"
Grete sobs into the Doctor's shirt
Herr Doctor says, "I know he does love yo, he just doesn't understand you"
Grete blows her nose on his sleeve.
Grete says, "But why is he so cruel to me?"
Herr Doctor says, "he feels that it's his fault that Gregor is, was, an insect."
Herr Doctor says, "he's critical because he wants the best for you"
Herr Doctor says, "it's his way of saying he loves you"
Grete says, "Hmph. You can't tell, can you?"
Herr Doctor strokes Grete's hair and wipes her tears.
Grete says, "Gregor was the only person I liked. And he wasn't even a person!"
Herr Doctor says, "Well, no, but that's what the book says."
Herr Doctor says, "I like you"
Herr Doctor says, "What isn't there to like?"
Herr Doctor says, "Surely you love your mother?"
Grete sniffles and smiles.
Herr Doctor says, "There's that smile"
Grete says, "Not really. I hardly know her."
Grete says, "I spend more time talking to you than to her. She ignores me too."
Herr Doctor says, "Now you have an opportunity to get to know her"
Herr Doctor says, "Hardships always bring a family closer."
An entrance: Barrault's_Guest portraying Mrs. Samsa.
Barrault's Guest teleports in
Grete says, "I know, but I miss Gregor. Even is he was a bug, I loved him."
Herr Doctor says, "I understand"
Grete sniffles loudly.
Mrs. Samsa says, ""what the hell is going on here?""
Grete 's eyes are red and puffy from crying.
Herr Doctor pulls out a handkerchief.
Grete says, "What do you mean, Mama? The Doctor gave me some pills to make me f eel better."
Mrs. Samsa hugs Grete powerfully
Herr Doctor puts it up to Grete's nose and says, "Blow."
Grete says, "They made me feel a little funny and I had to lie down."
Grete blows nose loudly.
Mrs. Samsa says, ""are you high on valium?""
Herr Doctor says, "She's in the grieving process..."
Grete giggles.
An entrance: DanU portraying Mr. Samsa.
DanU arrives from The Hallway
Herr Doctor says, "Maybe.."
Mrs. Samsa says, ""Gregor is where.....""
Grete buries her head in the Doctor's coat, whispering "Make him go away."
Mr. Samsa says, "hey one quick question"
Mr. Samsa says, "are we done"
Mr. Samsa says, "or can we be done"
Mrs. Samsa says, "why is she mad at her father?"
An entrance: AlexeiB portraying an observer.
AlexeiB teleports in
Mr. Samsa says, "I killed Gregor woman I told you that"
Herr Doctor says, "Mr. Samsa, I know that you feel that you need to be here to h elp, but she just needs some time..."
Herr Doctor says, "I'll come and see you."
Mr. Samsa says, "no no I mean are we done with this thing?"
Grete weeps loudly, her head still buried in the Doctor's coat.
Mr. Samsa says, "alright I'm out of here then"
DanU leaves for The Hallway
Grete says, "Thank goodness."
an observer says, "uh-oh... i hope this isn't going where it did tha last time.. ."
Herr Doctor says, "See, he's off like a prom dress."
Mrs. Samsa says, ""get away from that doctor - i don't think he's helping our fa mily"
Herr Doctor says, "What do you mean by that?"
Grete says, "But he gave me pills. I like him!"
Grete clutches the Doctor.
Herr Doctor says, "Of course you do"
an observer says, "as an outside observer who has an objective viewpoint.. he's not helping at al..."
Mrs. Samsa says, ""exactly!!!!"...those pills are making you crazy"
Herr Doctor says, "I'm a professional, I tell you."
Mrs. Samsa grab Grete from the doctor
an observer says, "he slipped you e..."
Mrs. Samsa says, "get over here NOW"
Grete says, "NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!"
Mrs. Samsa pushes Grete out of the room
Herr Doctor says, "Ma'am, I assure you that this is a gross overreaction."
Grete tries to escape form her mother.
an observer says, "yes... it'll be better for everyone!"
Herr Doctor says, "This is an outrage!"
Grete says, "Doctor? Help!"
Herr Doctor says, "I'm turning you all in"
Mrs. Samsa says, "Leave her alone"
an observer says, "stay where you are, doctor!"
Grete struggles with her mother, still crying.
an observer points a gun at doctor
Mrs. Samsa punches the doctor
Herr Doctor says, "Child Welfare will be here soon, then they can't hurt you any more, Grete. Don't be afraid..."
Grete falls to the floor, crying.
Mrs. Samsa says, "don't shoot anyone"
an observer says, "way to go, mrs. samsa! "
Herr Doctor Grabs his face..
Grete says, "Please put the gun away. hasn't there been enough killing today?"
Herr Doctor says, "I hope you realize what ou just did"
Grete says, "Are you all right?"
an observer picks grete off the floor, still pointing a gun at doctor
Herr Doctor says, "good luck living in a van down by the river..."
Mrs. Samsa says, "oh leave that loser alone"
Herr Doctor says, "how dare you"
an observer says, "it's ok. this is just for protection"
Herr Doctor says, "never in my life..."
JohnS leaves for The Hallway
RebeccaD teleports in
Grete says, "O God. Doctor? Come back!"
Grete struggles with the observer and reaches for the gun.
Barrault's Guest teleports out
an observer says, "that was intense, but it's over now! calm down, grete!"
an observer knock grete over the head with the back of the gun
Grete hits the observer and escapes to the hallway.
KateF teleports out
RebeccaD teleports out
an observer says, "ouch..."
AlexeiB teleports out
An entrance: AlexeiB portraying an observer.
AlexeiB teleports in
AlexeiB teleports out

Obvious exits: north to Gregor's Room and west to The Hallway

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