St. Lawrence U. Second Performance (First Performance click here)

the Sitting Room
The livingroom is large and open. Heavy curtains are drawn across the windows.

You see a Chandelier (recording), curtains, The three lodgers, six chairs, 10 se
ats, and Grete's violin here.

An entrance: RickS portraying the journalist.
the journalist calmly enters the sitting room and looks about.
the journalist goes north.
An entrance: AlexeiB portraying an observer.
AlexeiB teleports in
AlexeiB teleports out
RebeccaD enters from the kitchen licking her lips.
An entrance: Barrault's_Guest portraying Mrs. Samsa.
Barrault's Guest teleports in
Barrault's Guest teleports out
RebeccaD peeks west (w) into the foyer and steps out of the sitting room.

Obvious exits: west to The Foyer and north to Kitchen

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