The MetaMOOphosis

Current state of the Work

The MetaMOOphosis is complete!! Only one bug remains and it's the main character! Additions in 1999 include:

Read Archives of Performances online:

The MetaMOOphosis - The Final Preview

Two performances by St Lawrence University

At the ATHEMoo (A text based performance, research and conferencing environment run by Juli Burk in Hawaii), one can now type @go Kafka from the lobby and arrive at the front door of Gregor Samsa's house. This is a theatre work in which visitors can take costumes and create a theatre piece over the internet. To connect to the Moo, you need to use a telnet program and connect to 9999 or if you have a recent version of explorer (4.5) or Netscape (4.6) you can use the Encore Java interface at

(or type 'telnet' from your unix shell, then 'open' and then 9999.)

For those who have no moo experienceyou can hop to MooFacts, the quick tutorial or read on and get a feel.

Log in to the server as 'guest. Then type '@go Kafka'. After investigating the front yard of the Samsa home using theword 'look' or 'look at plaque', you type 'in' or 'enter' and find yourself in the foyer. The Foyer contains a closet from which you can take a Costume. (One would type 'look closet' to see what's available and then 'take from closet')

The Costume names are all abbrieviated:

If you take a costume you can type 'look (costume name)' which instructs you in its use.

the 'read' verb
Costumes come with built-in scripts! you can type 'read M' (or G or Mr. or bug depending on which costume you have). One of 30 lines is then randomly chosen and printed to the screen.

These lines have been chosen as prompts for improvisation 'in the style of' a kafka work, complete with paranoia, sexual innuendo, Freudian overtones etc.
The lines can also generate a sort of stand alone performance if improvisation is not desired.

The rooms
From the Foyer one can move to the livingroom or kitchen on the first floor or take the stairs up to a hallway where three bedrooms, another staircase and an attic can be found. From Grete's bedroom to Gregor's and vice vresa, one can look or talk through the keyhole in the door between their rooms.

Using the crack in the door from the hallway to Gregor's room and the keyhole from Grete's to Gregor's room, a conversation much like the one in the early pages of the novel can take place.
Any suggestions for added objects, text for the scripts, etc are welcome and desired.

Please visit and let me know what you think. This virtual theatre/novella can be used by students, actors, researchers and funseekers.
Any collaborative input at this time is welcome. Please report any bugs (pun intended) and suggest improvements/additions. - Rick

The final preview has been thoroughly documented. There are eight separate rooms, each having it's own performance but also being a part of the complete work.

The Front Yard
The Foyer
The Hallway Upstairs
The kitchen
The Sitting Room
The Parent's Bedroom
The Sister's Room
The Insect Gregor's Room

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You can see a short capture of a moo session that takes you to the kafka site here


Read the final preview of the MetaMOOphosis! An international theatre performance.

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