Lecture 1

( * before phrase denotes accompanying motion )
(paraphrased sentence from Murray Gell-Mann's The Quark and the Jaguar)
"Plek, the Indo-european root of the plex in complexity and the plic in simplicity where simplicity implies once folded and complexity, braided."

O.K. you're a baker making a pastry. Rolling dough and folding it, *rolling and folding, stretching and folding. layer after layer of thin phylo pastry. Some points that are close together move far apart* and some points that are far apart move close together (clap hands?). It would be easy for us to create a cultural metaphor based on this image. Free jazz, cubist to pointalist to pixelist, top down or bottoms up, the tower of Babel, don't drink and drive, the hills are alive *with the the sound of music! (pause)

A metaphor on the growth of humanity:
The Butcher the Baker the Candlestick Maker*
The butcher *hacks meat. Cuts flesh. We eat. We devour every morsel and then take a long time to digest. *(rub stomach, pause smiling) Or to use a more mystical slash Holistic wording ,(calmly) The river flows downhill.
The baker is more industrious and the bakery is essential to the proper manufacture of the bread* ('heeee's out' gesture). Take away a person's right to bread... and they may resort to butchery.* Again, a nonwestern thread ,"The rainforest releases the antitoxins." (continue folding gesture) The dough remains the same size but we keep increasing the number of layers by stretching and folding. Let's say we put a thin layer of jam on just before we fold.... (mime, pause) (musing) The candlestick maker makes light.(long pause) This brings us to simulations. Let me diverge...(lick finger)

What is the difference between (on board)0.00000000001 and 0? (continue, writing M.A.N.I.A.C. on blackboard and underline first letters) The Mathematical Analyzer, Numerator, Integrator And Computer or the Princeton MANIAC was performing simulations using feedback systems back in the 40s. In the 1960s Edward Lorenze revealed the beautiful, mask-like shape of a strange attractor, the infinitely varying set of boundaries which defined the weather's behavior. Deterministic, non periodic topology. The weather! ( Begin to change into baseball pitcher uniform) Order in chaotic systems.
(As you exit) A few very simple rules. Think of the I Ching, Taoism, Gaia and Game theory. We don't want to become too overtly holistic though. Publish or perish right?(Pitch first hardball triggering all events)
end of lecture 1

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