A quick Moo tutorial:

A MOO is an object oriented MUD. (Of course!) A MUD is a Multi-User Dungeon or Dimension, a text-based virtual reality that you telnet to and then interact with objects or other people/players/characters. Some are like Dungeons and Dragons, some--like ATHEMoo at the University of Hawaii--are geared for research and sharing of info.

You can see a short capture of a Kafka moo session here

Or can jump right in to ATHEMOO if you can telnet; the address is
moo.hawaii.edu 9999 which usually translates on most systems as:

telnet moo.hawaii.edu 9999
telnet moo.hawaii.edu port 9999

You can do this from a unix shell or using clients like NCSA telnet or MUDdweller which work directly.

Once there you type

CO guest (or connect guest) to connect.

Patience is some times required. If the MOO doesn't let you in type 'CO
Guest' again and maybe even again, you never know , a bit of cyberdust
here, a spinning vowel there.

Once connected, you can move around using simple commands like in, out, up, down, east, west, or often their aliases (u for up, d, e, w, sw, etc.) for directions you wish to go.

An important command is 'look' or 'l' to see where you are.


say hi will be translated as Guest says "hi"
" is the same as say so that
"Hi will also translate as Guest says "hi"

emote performs actions using a colon (:) so for example-
:waves. translates as Guest waves.
:jumps madly about translates as Guest jumps madly about.

Now you're ready and can go back to the MetaMOOphosis homepage or connect right up to to moo.hawaii.edu 9999or if you have a recent version of explorer (4.5) or Netscape (4.6) you can use the Encore Java interface at http://moo.hawaii.edu:7000/