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URGE Photo: Gariné Torossian

The women of URGE create as a collective. It is our mandate to co-create original musically-driven performance works, which use the variety of skills, techniques and sound worlds of the members of the ensemble. Each member of URGE brings to the process a mature art form, sophisticated craft and personal history. These become the tools for a shared training period during the development phase of each new work. It is also the mandate of URGE that each woman brings what is most current in her life. These fresh and surprising impulses - ranging from the repetition of a daily chore to the unfolding landscape of a night's dream - become elements for improvisation in rehearsal. An important aspect of the work in URGE is the structuring of improvised ‘play' into the fabric of each public performance, ensuring an ever-changing, evolving landscape of sound and image.

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