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Katherine Duncanson, interdisciplinary artist, has been involved in the creation and performance of dance, music, theatre and experimental video. She has worked with many Toronto-based artists including choreographers Marie-Josée Chartier, Peter Chin, Susanna Hood, Bill James, Gerry Trentham and Holly Small; performance artists Vera Frenkel, Elyakim Taussig and Ian Wallace; and composers Eric Cadesky, Erin Donovan, John Oswald and R. Murray Schafer.

Katherine has been featured as a singer/dancer with Toronto new music ensembles ARRAYMUSIC and the Glass Orchestra, Halifax's suddenlyLISTEN, and has toured coast to coast as a member of the performance trio Cliq, unique for its repertoire of "music for the eye". Katherine recently co-created (with Erin Donovan) the music scores for dance artist Yvonne Ng's Brocaded Clouds, A Love Story and for her own interdisciplinary solo Fossil, which premiered Autumn 2001 in Toronto, in the inaugural season of Dance: made in Canada.

Katherine has performed in festivals across Canada including the Canada Dance Festival (Ottawa), New Music Across America (Montreal and Toronto), The Winnipeg New Music Festival, High Performance Rodeo (Calgary), Women in View (Vancouver), superMicmac (Montreal), the Sound Symposium (St. John's) and as a guest artist in Jamaica, Amsterdam and Buffalo.

Katherine is a frequent player of classical Javanese music with Gamelan Toronto, is a member of the interdisciplinary quartet, Sonic Body, and is creating a body of solo work that integrates music, text and movement. She is also active as a music educator, vocal coach and facilitator. Katherine has been a member of Urge since 1995.

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