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Photo: "The Women of URGE" Film

Description of work

"SHE PROMISED SHE'D BAKE A PIE" is a 70 minute music-driven interdisciplinary work. It premiered at the du Maurier Theatre Centre, Harbourfront, December 12 - 14, 1996 and was co-produced

For this work, URGE consisted of six co-creator/performers: Marie-Josée Chartier (choreographer, dancer, singer), Katherine Duncanson (performance artist/vocalist), Eve Egoyan (concert pianist), Fides Krucker (mezzo-soprano), Anita La Selva (actress and flamenco dancer) and Linda Catlin Smith (composer/performer). They were joined in the creative process by director Joanna McIntyre. The creative team in production included: Bonnie Beecher, lighting; Vikki Anderson, set design and production manager; Julia Tribe, costume design; Joy Walker, printed textile design; and Sharon Di Genova, stage manager.

The du Maurier Theatre Centre was transformed into a vibrant landscape, with the scene set using the full length of the theatre, with a long red floor, a black baby grand piano and a vast white fabric hanging from the first balcony. The two balconies behind the playing floor were stripped of seats and used as additional performance space. The audience was seated on the main floor parallel to the long red floor, as well as on three sides of the remaining balconies. Costumes were black, and transformed to red for the final scene.

The structure of the work "SHE PROMISED SHE'D BAKE A PIE" followed the actual structure of baking a pie: preparation, mixing, rolling, filling, baking and serving. Each segment of the work allowed for both the real and the imaginary, the mundane married to the extraordinary. The various scenes created a nonlinear storyline: a woman, struggling with the idea of preparing a pie, wrestles with a huge white fabric (pie dough); a woman is carried in on a tray as though to be auctioned, then sings an aria about the fruit fillings of her pies; a woman fantasises about a trip to Puerto Vallarta; a woman relearns how to play the piano and discovers her own sensuality; a diva sings in the wilderness surrounded by cows and sheep. These scenes were created from dreams and images, and were based in musical or sound improvisation. The pie promised in the title was delivered - a sonic art pie.


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