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Photo: "The Women of URGE" Film

The URGE process of collective creation has been one of discovery and exploration since the group's founding in 1992.

In addition to training each other in our given fields of expertise (Fides leads vocal exercises; Marie-Josée, movement; Anita, flamenco, etc), URGE has also taken workshops with various teachers in various fields. The guidance from these teachers has always had an impact on the group's work. Teachers have included: Richard Armstrong (voice); Sue Morrison (clown); Alejandra Nuñez (voice); Banuta Rubess (theatre); Maryem Hassan (voice).

Our creative process includes daily group warm-up exercises for body and voice. These often lead into group vocal improvisations, where the group may spontaneously explore different worlds of sound together.

The creative process has evolved over the years and has included:

 correspondence over the period of a year; the correspondence over 1992/93 became the substance of the URGE work "I Had An Urge To Write You";

 experimentation and improvisation with instruments: in "Abstract Chains" (1994) we performed with six violins, six 'wind-wands', percussion and tape, clarinet and olive-oil can, and gloves with buttons and cymbals sewn onto them;

 improvisations using voice and movement, based around objects such as kitchen utensils, clothing, family heirlooms, or objects found in nature; much of the work "She Promised She'd Bake A Pie" (1996) is based around the musical use of cooking utensils: bowls, whisks, flour sifter, pie tins, etc;

 often the group will set tasks for itself: as we enter into a creative work period, we may invite each individual to bring in a solo, or fragment of a solo, based on an image, a dream or an aspect of our lives. Sometimes this fragment is the seed which becomes an entire scene in a finished work. Always the risk is to try something new, so that we can gain entrance into a challenging and intriguing creative landscape of sound and image.


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