Critical Band, formed in l993, is a Toronto-based ensemble which focuses on the performance and creation of microtonal music, that is, music which explores the use of sounds outside the equal-tempered twelve tones per octave used on the piano keyboard. The name "Critical Band" is borrowed from psychoacoustics, referring to the point when two simultaneous pitches are so close as to create a complex interference pattern within the ear.

The members of Critical Band draw on a variety of musical threads relating to contemporary microtonal music - composed and improvised music involving the entire gamut of sound; music written in precisely notated microtonal pitch organizations; and non-Western musical traditions involving alternative instruments and tunings.

Our work emphasizes the creation of new music in microtonal idioms (including pieces which explore techniques of "free" and "structured" improvisation and graphical scoring) as well as the perfo Critical Band's projects to date have included a workshop and performance with violinist Malcolm Goldstein, as well as the first Canadian presentation of music by Harry Partch.