1982 3,805 words

Wooden alveoli erect & fragile in the rarefied air of October, leaves frosted glass rock chapel orange & red. The sky no longer enclosing us. The filters removed there are desperate dreams in this woodlot. The airplane's engine blossoming into clarity & not enclosed. Eels are pulled from the canal. Even the planets are motile, hoary with diamonds above the chiming sunset. She swims alone & naked in a clear October lake. A white building stands free & O the spirits look dimly out from there.
A light impossibly orange as June evenings are a pastel rainbow of dreams & mercury vapour lamps, giant mantids, just coming on over the shopping plaza. The violet & pink light setting tanned skin aglow & each muscle a new surrender. The quiet village streets technologized in the telephoto insignia, lush nightfall still after a summer shower. The expectant interglacial period gardens, their scale-speed hierarchies squandered in the night. Stars arbitrate the carnivorous writhing of cycads.
The pool magnifies its own refractive distortion. Spring-fed the precise internal branches of underwater plants weave gently over the pale turquoise clay. Milky green glass, night conscious of itself, is secreted in large fragments at the base of the cedars surrounding the pool. A small palisade has been constructed for our convenience.
The elevator at Niagara opens to gardens on both levels. The floral dais reified in the fossil-fuel atmosphere. Q.E.W. into powdery acknowledgment of the planets' ascension. The red image of the setting sun, opalized through cirrus haze, reflected necessarily from the car windows. Charmed particles of dusk around the mercury vapour lamps. Themselves feeding voraciously on the scuttling metal flashing beneath them.
Vector obsolescent the radio bicycle futurizes its immediate tunnel.  Summer glen of green grass & tall cedar & spruce. The spider's web beaded with morning dew. An abacus in the gravitational field of the moon.
The envelope of consciousness, as we are to the generator, surrounded by an aureole of dissolving nucleotides. Which freezes like winter the majesty of a summer night sky. Glade solstice of the internal summer, a tender explosion in the last enclave annihilate. Her nipples stiffen, flakes of come peel off like cellophane. Her delicate white legs unfoalding.

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