1991 3,365 words

She is beyond you now. Her piscine features embryonic & dissipated with wisdom. Her nakedness possessed each time a seething harlequin of erectile sequins. Her lips aching with honey. The sky darkening with dreams.
There is a language to predicate the adoration.

And the water, its essence an alarming grace unfolding past the edge of your control. Breeding miraculous witness. Command spillover. Trembling mica electron thunder. Distant blue spruce shimmer vaguely translucent pagodas rising like glass temples in the dusk. The ammonoid's nacreous lustre, iridescent stage lights in a Cretaceous theatre. Slow-motion August trees, the Huron clay bluffs blue in the lake haze & at night the stars rain glittering onto the beach. Pyritized mother of pearl a refraction so ancient the dreams are blackened. This most Devonian of raptures. A vowel away from the discrete crystals wherein her rude beauty gives way to angels. Soil the cumulative evidence of life processes, a recursive matrix & husky skin of utility stretched over the original rock. Limestone the accumulation of this evidence. As the planet turns into the photon irradiation of dawn. Our debt to the truth.
Beneath the lake a room. The water is electric. The smallest perturbation being transmitted through the whole undiminished. For its membrane is the precursor of the cellular envelope, budding cauldrons at the base of the falls. It is living. It whispers & moans & there are a thousand voices in the rapids. It is the medium of choice for internal predators.

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