Signal Fires


(Book III, A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario)Long Tooth
Gravid Lux
Without Him
On the Beach
Desert Angel
(Book IV, A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario)

Author's Note

Excerpt From Gravid Lux


By the lagoon,
in the buttress forest of the mangrove,
a large white crab delicately stilts
over the mud flats. We
are dream factories, underwater gardens
hang in our heads.

The trade wind is filled with mad lovers
while in northern darkness
pale fields sleep
under the red wings
of winter.

Excerpt from Desert Angel


In the transparent desert air
the angel appeared, flattened
against a dividend of reality so temporal,
so variegated, she was consumed
by the blank empire
of its shadows. She shone,
dustily iridescent in the
waning light of the setting sun
and I saw the ghosts of words,
painful, beautiful,
pluck at her sides
like kites.

Now, within the fossil dance of words.
when letters are hung like insects
in mind's amber, I sing
this dusty kingdom of Braille,
while the skeletons of words,
the shadows of shadows
intone our empty names
across the dusty plain.

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