1978 3,671words

August a haze amniotic our dream aether and lens of distance. Tree sentinels in calmness  and grace with vicious night flowering in the inky strata of sexual vision. The portentous rumbling of far storms. Limestone corridors within stone libraries dreaming the grey rainless days of hot August. The forest proceeds before us in an opulent Fragonard brain-coral, spotted with sun. Water droplets posing relationships to dawn as dimly the calculations of an abacus in the gravitational held of the moon  . Fall the colour of light these leaves absorbed in the summer spectrum each has witnessed.
Dolomite temple walls rise from an Ordovician lily pond, trickling water leaving limestreaks out of pale green copper tubing.  Luna moths cluster in the rectangle of the lily pond, fading into the dream's edge.
Here at the panavistic surface our voices dissolve, some hand or shadow moving through the words.
Certain people seem to stand behind one.

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All text and images copyright © Chris Dewdney (All permissions reserved)