Lecture 2 Fresco aesthetics
(an essay on Feminism in art)

da, dad, da da, dado, da vinci

stuc staccato stucco, stucco baby, staccato point de nerve, colorization of 30's black and white classics, womb men aha men! the term signifies the androgyny of the term Man and then defines a specific variation thus leaving the male, undefined and wondering if, standing at a pedestal, attempting to pose rational questions, the angle of anatomical coincidence between his potential and the dado refers to this ambiguity. Why not call a man a ballsman or a hangman or a dadman or to strike a balance, a pendman. The fact that women are defined in this way gives rise to communications based on the limits imposed by a syntactic qualification. We can therefore assume that responsibility for the "next step" has been long in the hands of these men with wombs and that the nonwombmen have been waiting perhaps not mindlessly but certainly prone to, in a state of awe, the impulsive antics of an unformed adolescent. The present tensions between a nihilistic and a linear approach to aesthetics could be attributed to the pregnancy of the post baby boomer. By this I assume that (aside from art as a medium expressing only the artists point of view and this will be discussed later) changes in activist policies and manifestation of a far out right are due to the Lurid florid neo nazi holding his/her breath and eventually, through the strength of ones convictions, passing out. The template of a 3d geometrical design forms the transparent background to a host of almost pointillist (atomic?) dips and dabs of color which upon closer inspection are revealed to be numeric configurations. Sections of stock market quotes from newspapers, yellowed with age and water stains are glued to the rough surface. One must stand very close to absorb the facts but very far back to grasp the nuclaic bite. Of course.
There is a lot of red brushed or wiped across this wall. It brings out contours and accentuatest yeastlike, a premeditation. Shadows pull across the template, changing it from a concise mathematic flowering of formulae and cosmic weave to a shimmering icon of medieval properties, not a little scary. When the razor sharp skin is caressed by the devoteé, scratches on the hand, blessed virgin I think I hear the scuffle of pests behind the wall. Now would be the time to give credit where credit is due. But alas the time has passed. Now would be the time to indicate a maturity in the species and an increase in the rendering of radical subject matter and radical techniques that are, in fact, what everyone wants to see. But alas that time has passed. Melancholia threatens. Reaction follows action. 18%, 9.24%, 4.75%
To summarize with Laws 3,4, and 5
3) Increases in communications and media resources lead to dilution and subsequent breakdown of myth. This necessitates its recreation.
4) Art envelopes the entire blanket of creating mythologies from and to its recreation.
5) Language is a myth.

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