"...he led the quiet, humble life of an aesthetic pioneer"

Rick Sacks 1980
To assume that the information age will have ANY affect on the quality of art is like saying wolves don't eat children foraging for wood (because the cabin is cold this bleak and existential winter and everyone must do their part). There may only be a connection between art and the word 'Quality' when one considers the entropic dictates and moody mood swings of de oxy ribopopulation growth.
In other words. Singing around a campfire or painting on church ceilings may be looked at as the culmination of everything that preceded the event or simply as a dedicated attempt to deal with life as best one can, whether you are Picasso or Smoky the bear. Unification of like souls into a co-operative doesn't a Guernica make but then again where did this leaky roof come from. Cantos Dei, man in his imperfection lays down some heavy tunes and vibrates the waters with the moons.
(Let us) Leave the issue of aesthetics for a moment and ask the person immediately to your left to ask, answer or define the question;

Do you feel pressured by the history of Man's past achievements?

When computers generate random on /offs using pressure sensitive yes/nos data and limits based on current syntax we get an often humorous reflection of man and an hysterical one of God. The official story is never without unspoken hints of subversive monetary transactions. The less one perceives the capitalist system at work, the more likely the system is running at full tilt and nobody feels guilty. I am not familiar with the board rooms of major corporations and legal offices but one gets the idea that even there, in the midst of money talk and strategy to a defined end, even there, the unique relationship between man and money, the individual and his recently acquired knowledge (even if apriori) that money keeps the most anal retentive, protensive , prevents serious evaluation or qualification along humanist and/or spiritual line to develop. Enter Revend Billy Graham.
How can we apply the above to aesthetics. We can't, or so you say. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion if in fact anyone is capable of having their own opinion. There exists the license of course and we must rely on definition and intentionality with a pinch of salt of the earth polictics. The following Law of Aesthetic Value pertains only to events before and including the above date. It is left to the reader to decide if it still applies after that date and in doing so subsequent readers will eventually supply algebraic proof:
Law 6 - (use any factors as long as consistent*)
The degree of License x (Industrial age+Victorian age+Elizabethan age/the Renaissance(rn))x(fraction represented by population growth {the curve birth over death} X the Information age) = #T and T(-) the information age = aesthetic value at present. short form :
L (I+V+E)/ B/D(If)-RN=T.

*ie. # of classics, hot moments in history, important inventions, politics, madness, religious accounts, accounts payable, uses of the wheel, etc etc etc

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