This evening's show is by the music theatre collective called URGE. Rik waves to a table where a group of composers and musicians from Vancouver are sitting and discussing new opera. He then vanishes down a dimly lit corridor to begin conducting the orchestra as the Ballet begins. Tonight's feature is the pas de deux from The White Snake (take your choice of realaudio for 56k modems or high speed) A Venomous Romance! But first, the pianist accompanies a mysterious singer in an eerie song from the same ballet called The River Becomes Silent (streaming mp3).



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Check the Library for Rik's bookmarks.

When in New York Rik always visits his old friend Jim Pugliese, a place to find out about downtown NY music is what is where, is when AND is what it is.

Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar
Contains interviews and realaudio soundbites of many important and interesting composers.

Highly informative and entertaining is the Cornelie Mueller-Goedecke's
with insight and links to Russian Jazz and Dance

American Music Center Opportunity Update

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