Alien Landing Party (trilogy #1; Phoenix variations 1-3)

1 The Party: (duration 5 min.)
The piece begins with a spot light on a crouched figure who simultaneously smokes, drinks coffee, and daintily eats a large custard laden sweet bun. The testing of combinations of activity leads the hero to dip his cigarette into his coffee. Before he takes a bite of it, he notices the audience.
The following text is delivered from a basement hideout of a man possessed with great paranoia. He is being taken over by a being from another dimension:

Alien Landing Party text
Is this a dagger which I see before me. The handle twoard my... Handle ??? Ha HA HA 'What I've got to tell you is very important!' (the man now smashes the custard bun into his face where it hangs by itself. This humiliation sends him back to toy with his coffee and cigarette. Gradually he notices the audience again)

(with growing excitement)' Well, it seems I've finally got an audience. About time. Most people would rather go about their.. Mind Your Own Business! No! Hurry!! You see there are people in mental institutions becuase they are Thought to be insane, Scit scitso scitso sgetso You can's think You can't know. (abrupt change to whisper) 'I wouldn't have known except I woke up right. Right. I stood standind upright I can walk. The mirror I caught the light right. The right light. Praise be God help me. George? There in the mirror. I can see it.. a Matrix.. Lines across my face and down my neck...I just stood in shock and watched for hours. Fred? Frederik? Then I began to feel it. tickling around the eyes, pulling at my shoulders. Those were the reigns.(nervous ticks and ad lib)

They're coming. I've got to get a HAha hanndle on this (spasms and a devilish puppet dance follows) I've got to stop them. Shut the door. Save the world.(bewildered pause) I, Is this a What is this Give it to me Whoa I don't have it wel maybe it's not .... (take imaginary dagger and stab self, collapse, and after a time convulse and rise on toes with shoulders as high as possible and chin on chest. With one hand grab your hair and pull the head back. The other hand comes up and pushes the mouth into a smile as the alien takes full control of a now marrionette-like body) See? We can take better care of you than you can. We can make you immortal! Excuse me I must summon the ship.(tip toe off)

2 Proof: (3 minutes)
This is a short primitive section. An astronaut collects article from the surface of some distant planet. The costume is made of found, mundane articles. For example, the air tank is a hibachi, the umbilical is paper toweling unraveled from the inside, the planets surface is a foam mattress littered with kitchen articles. The astronaut picks them up with Bar-B-Q tongs and paper plates are thrown, like saucers, from the darkness.

3 Football: (2 minutes) This trilogy ends with parade music as the crew changes the set. A 2' or 3' football descends slowly and our alien, dressed in sequined tutu and gas mask jumps out briefly, no more than another element of activity on stage, intercepts the football and runs off with the last chord of the fanfare.

Society of the Spectacle (trilogy #2 - Phoenix variations 4 - 6)

4 Society of the Spectacle: (10 min.)
"Separated from his product, man himself produces all the details of his world with ever increasing power, and thus finds himself ever more separated from his world. The more his life is now his product, the more he is separated from his product." - Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle

This piece involves three people. One person sits at a desk and slowly removes raw spaghetti from a brief case and breaks it into a microphone. The second climbs a ladder and with only legs showing, lights sparklers. The third performer at intervals, emerges from and returns to a huge pile of tin cans. A (quadrophonic) tape accompanies these activities.

5 Ballerina (Duration 7 min.) A vignette of the prima Ballerina being interviewed by a jounalist. The music begins with a Strauss waltz and a metronome. The waltz dies out as the metronome turns into the sound of gunfire, then explosions. The scene transforms into a battle field where a great leader urges soldiers to Battle. Text that becomes increasing more hysterical in it's description of a larger and larger task, lighting changes, flashbulbs, and a taped waltz that becomes explosions and gunshots creates a volatile backdrop to make a statement on the inevitability, the neccessity of the creation of art . Once the performer begins to repeat a leg lift it must continue until the performer collapses during the final shouted text.

BALLERINA( as if LISTENING attentively to a valet or secretary):
What? oh yes, show him in (then, to herself) the line the line now don't forget about the, (notices someone came in,smiles and LISTENS)
yes, it is beautiful would you care for something? Juice? NO? Sylvie, one orange juice for me please! ... No he wants nothing!
(LISTEN) How flattering, it's the morning light I'm sure. well now that you are in my good graces ask away but please no gossip. I refuse to implicate my fellow performers in the legendary scandals behind the scenes. I'm just a soldier. Self expression through technique First position , Third position,First position , Third position oh now I've done it, I've broken the rhythm of my developé I've also not stopped talking since you arrived forgive me, fire away
(LISTEN) 'Oh it's not a matter of having achieved, my friend, No No Not at all It is a matter of maintaining levels and standards, even going beyond them. The past gets further away as we speak, where's that Juice ?? ... each leg lift developing and stretching muscle, programming synapse each one a little further along, a little higher a little stronger but always fading into the past , RIGHT?
That's why I must do more , I follow one with another making repetition my little human eternity mechanism. 3 4 1 2 3 4' (LISTEN) (Shoutng Now) 'Oh yes! Quite difficult and painful too but it's part of life right? keep going Where's that DRINK??' (LISTEN) You know that is even more important than my continuation Knowing that I'VE INSPIRED... the classes are very gratifying They work.... WORK HARD! Go beyond the limits of what you think is humanly possible 34 12 KEEP GOING I NEED A DRINK Juice !!! Juice How do they expect me to do my best and carry on without support and some accomodation, Comrades how about it 3 4 1 2 3 4 The end comes all too quickly What legacy do we, must we consistently leave in repetition of the parts of the whole What legacy , what price eternity !!!!!

6 Tightrope: (duration 4 min.)
Tightrope is a piece which transforms a group of percussion instruments into a setting that evokes a circus highwire. The motives and themes support a short, humorous mime, complete with turns and jumps, as the percussionist moves from one end to the other inside of parrallel lines of instruments mounted on cymbal and snare stands.

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