Richard Sacks - Percussionist /Composer/Multimedia Artist


1976 Master of Music, State University of New York at Stony Brook
1974 Bachelor of Fine Arts (music), State University of N.Y. at Stony Brook

* denotes original composition or design

Recent Professional Experience:
* -Composed and performed music for the Tarragon Theatre hit, 'Sibs'; text by Diane Flacks and Richard Greenblatt
* - Roseneath Theatre 'Danny, the King of the Basement'
* -Composed music for the acclaimed ballet "The White Snake" for the Xing Bang Foo Dance Co. (summer 2000)
* - Roseneath Theatre 'Dib and Dob and the Journey Home'
- Glass Orchestra Percussive Arts Society/Annaheim Cal., Florida State Composer's Alliance 98, Taiwan's Ju Percussion Festival 1999
- performed in the new opera 'Beatrice Chancey ' produced by Queen of Puddings (filmed for CBC TYV 1999)
- Banff '98 Opera and Song program. 'Hieroglyphs' by Linda Catlin Smith, 'Zurich 1916', a new opera by Christopher Butterfield and John Bentley Mays, 'What's Going On' by Richard Dubelski (Paris)
- performed in the new opera 'Elsewhereless' by Sharman/Egoyan produced by Tapestry Music
- performed in the new opera workshop 'Iron Road ' by Chan Ka Nin produced by Tapestry Music
- Canadian Opera Company including productions of Bluebeard's Castle, Erwartung, Gianni Schicchi and Paggliacci
(note:Sound design for the 3 cues of 'Russian Bells' scene II of Boris Godounov 2002 production)
- Stephen Sondheim's PASSION at Canadian Stage
- percussion sub for TOMMY
* - Glass Orchestra including tour of Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and China
- Les Coucous Benevole- contemporary works for baraoque ensemble and percussion
* - The Dutchess - by Linda Griffiths, Theatre Passe Muraille
* - Famous - by Carol Bolt, Tarragon
* - End of Season - Theatre Direct Canada
* - Factory Theatre production of Big Face by Marion deVries
* - Toy Weather - original full length multi media production
* - Gravity Calling by Diane Flacks,Tarragon Theatre
- The Flaming Dono African Drumming and Dance ensemble
- Boulez's Le Marteau Sans Maitre, Stockhausen's Zyklus and Elliott Carter Timpani solos at The Hornby Island Music Festival
- Flux by Bill James
- CARBONE 14, Peau, chair et os by Gilles Maheu , Montreal
- http: Ensemble member ( England, Ireland tours, New Music America)
* - Not Wanted on the Voyage, Canadian Stage, Necessary Angel and M.T.C. {solo performer/sound design}
* -The Short Tree and the Bird who could not Sing, Dennis Foon, YPT
* -Pinnochio, YPT adaptation by Maristella Roca Nominated for a DORA 1993
* - Mirror Game by Dennis Foon produced by YPT
- Batterie Park percussion group Co-director
- R. Murray Schafer's Hermes Trismegistos, Union Station
- Hush; by Alan Cole and Naomi Richards, Passe Muraille
- Second Nature by Diane Taylor, Theatre Centre and remount at Passe Muraille (Video Cabaret Production)
- Mad For Bliss; Vera Frenkel multimedia work /Music Gallery
- New Music Concerts; Robert Aitken, director
* -Hans Christmas Anderson w/ Ballerina Vanessa Harwood, Tap Dancer William Orlowski, Storyteller Helen Porter
- Desrosiers Dance Company opening the National Ballet School
- Hemispheres; Music Gallery and Contemporary Music Projects
- The Evergreen Club Gamelan including tour of Europe and Victoriaville Festival
- Le Groupe de la Place Royale; Peter Boneham, director (Ottawa)
* - Canadian Electronic Ensemble series/Quayworks festival premier of solo multimedia work - Micro/M.I.D.I./Macro
* - Music for 'Goddess Tales', Royal Ontario Museum - Story teller / Helen Porter
- Flaming Dono African Drumming Ensemble
- Percussionistics at Mendelsohn Youth Choir 10th anniversary.
- Five Star Marching Band directors John Millard/Alan Cole/Susan Mackenzie
* - Dancemakers Sunday Salon series premier of solo work 'Ballerina'
- Esprit Contemporaine; Alex Pauk, director
- The Canadian Chamber Ensemble; Raffi Armenian, director
- Kitchener/Waterloo Symphony; Raffi Armenian, director
- Hummer Sisters - Dora award winning 'VOX POP CABARET'
- Festival of the Sound; (1982,1984) Anton Kuerti ,director
* - Noel Harding; AGO exhibit & soundtrack for recent work
- Western Front, Solo 2 Trio, Vancouver
* - Phenomenonsemble
- Festival Nieuwe Muziek (Japanese), Middleburg, Holland 1979
- N.Y. Shakespeare Theater, Joseph Papp production Multinational and the Heavens 1978
- Alice Tully Hall; The New Orchestra, 1977
- Carnegie Recital Hall; Solo work by Allison Nowak 1976
- New Jersey Percussion Ensemble; Raymond DesRoches, director
- Museum of Modern Art, N.Y. ; Newband Microtonal Ensemble

- Evergreen Gamelan New Work by Gilles Tremblay
- Arraymusic 'Big Pictures' and 25 Miniatures CDs

- Linda Catlin Smith's Memory Forms (conductor and performer)
- Arraymusic new work by Ann Southam for James Kudelka Choreography
- New Music Concerts Lutoslavksi CD
- Colin Mcphee, Esprit Orchestra 1997
- Recording for Rubinek film. Jerry and Tom, music by David Buchbinder 1997
- Palestrina on Devil's Staircase, CBC and Udo Kasemets 1993
- Time Trip To Big Bang and Back, Udo Kasemets, 1993
- New World, Arraymusic , 1993
- North of Java, by The Evergreen Ensemble 1987 and CD in 1992
- Butterfield, Music for Klein and Beuys 1991
- CHROMA, Arraymusic, released Sept. 1991
- CD of Indonesian influenced works titled ï Bali produced by CBC Sept. 1991
- Strange Companions, Baroque flute and Percussion, released 1991
- Claudio Pompili's SPAZIO, 1990, Australia
- HUMAN, Glass Orchestra CD released spring '89
- Percussion Symphony, Charles Wuorinen; Nonesuch Records
- Unfinished Business, by Michael Baker for the Arraymusic CD 1988
- So Baby, Toronto Rock Band, KLO, I/O PORT Records, 1985
- The Abongo, by John J. Becker, Recorded Anthology of American Music 1979

Teaching and Related Experience:
- 1999 - Brighton Drama Plus
- 1999 - Chatham - Arts in Education
- 1998 - Port Hope High School Arts in Education
- 1995-1997 National Ballet Sharweday
- National Ballet of Canada, Creative Dances in the Schools 1994 - 1997
- Guest speaker, York University
- Faculty of Music, Bennington College, Vermont (1979-81)
- Co-founder of percussion Quartet ABACUS and co-director of Batterie Park
- Lecture Demonstrations and Concerts in school systems
- Workshops with the Glass Orchestra in Malaysia and Singapore.
- Question and Answer periods for Horror High-Theatre Direct

Original Works for Dance:

- Quiksilver for Yvonne Ng, choreography by Marie-Josee Chartier Jan 99
- Grunt for Michael Menagon at Danceworks
- Time and the Hunter commissioned by INDE89, Susan Cash-choreography
- Where You Are for dance dept. at Bennington College
- Deficits and Excesses for choreographer Davita Monk of Le Groupe da la Place Royale at the N.A.C.
- Nightmare for Benoit Lachambre and Marie José Chartier (Toronto, New York and Montreal)
- Computer music for children's dance at the Scadding Court Community Centre
- Collaboration with Jan Kadelka on Lady Macbeth choreographed by Claudia Moore
- Composed and performed Hans Christmas Anderson with Vanessa Harwood, William Orlowski, Helen Porter

The 12 Phoenix Variations : (original solo multimedia work)
12. Prelude to the Final Trilogy performed with Batterie Park , Music Gallery 1991 Global Village Sex Car
11. Sunday Ice cream Sundae (unfinished)
10. Factory (unfinished)
9. power tool (unfinished)
Micro/Midi/Macro (CEE production performed February 1988 Du Maurier Theatre)
8. Butterfly
7. Visitstations
Society of the Spectacle
6. Society of the Spectacle (York University 1983/Western Front,Vancouver 1984, Music Gallery 1990)
5. Tightrope (Mercer Union 5 Solo Concerts Series 1982, NuMus Kitchener 1990 ,Music Gallery 1991)
4. Ballerina (Dancemakers Sunday Salon Series 1987, Music Gallery 1991 )
Alien Landing Party (Mercer Union 5 Solo Concerts 1982 / Western Front 1984, Du Maurier1988 )
3. Matrix
2. Proof
1. Interception

Other Composition:
1991-94 - Toy Weather originally for Batterie Park, expanded to a 10 performer multidisciplinary theatre work based on Chaos theory , artificial life and the science of Complex adaptive systems.
1989 - Tumbler for Glass Orchestra tour to Southeast Asia
1984 - 1987 Songs and arrangements for the Experimental Rock Band 'KLO'

Of note: 1986 Mr. Sacks revised and Edited, for COLFRANC Music Publishing Corp., Edgard Varèse's Hyperprism available through Boosey and Hawkes.

Computer related work:
- Compostion/Performance as listed above:
Toy Weather
Sample of Drums (CBC commssion 1997)

Rik's Café Canadian, a World Wide Web site (designed as a virtual environment) containing:
World on a String (A Science Fiction Hypertext Novel in progress)
6 Performance Lectures
Java and CGI scripted animations
Many Toronto and Canadian arts organization home pages

- An Article on Sound Design for Children's Theatre published at the Theatre Central WWW site.

- The MetaMOOphosis, a permanent installation of interactive theatre at a virtual Multi Object Oriented (MOO) environment.


Rick Sacks

Rick Sacks holds a Masters of Music from S.U.N.Y. Stony Brook. He performs with many ensembles including ARRAYMUSIC, The Evergreen Club Gamelan, the Glass Orchestra, New Music Concerts and The Canadian Opera Company. Rick also composes and creates sound design for theatre and contemporary dance. Upcoming dates include appearances in Florida, Paris, Vienna, and Taiwan. He has recently completed 'World on a String', a 60,000 word interactive web-based SciFi and 'The MetaMOOphosis', a permanent installation of interactive theatre based on Kafka's 'Metamorphosis'. Visit Rik's Café Canadian, an internationally accessible World Wide Web site focusing on Toronto's rich cultural resources -

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