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Here's what those unfortunates who have stumbled in here only to find themselves hopelessly trapped by deadly microwaves have had to say before they expired in agony.... (perhaps you'd like to scrawl your last earthly words to be remembered by as well?)
You got me! I'm signing the dreaded guestbook. Good stuff here. Gotta sign once in a while. Thanks...
Dave Hicks <dhicks_os2bbs.com>
Washington , DC USA - Thursday, January 02, 1997 at 21:56:29 (EST)
Found you via Webcrawler, searching for "yarn AND news" and I seem to have found a good springboard to what I'm looking for.
John Carmack <MarchHare_momeraths.org>
Broadview Hts, OH USA - Monday, December 23, 1996 at 20:39:45 (EST)
Thanks for Your efforts and time.
Laurence <lambr_pionet.net>
Sioux City, Ia USA - Friday, December 06, 1996 at 09:32:05 (EST)
Nice concentration of links and info for off-line mail/news software...thanks!
Francis K. Ton <fton_netcom.com>
San Diego, USA - Wednesday, December 04, 1996 at 15:01:24 (EST)
I've been using YARN since version .50 or thereabouts, and I'm hoping to continue using it, even though there's a plethora of GUI news and mail readers about.
Stan Koper <skoper_netcom.com>
Boston, MA USA - Tuesday, November 19, 1996 at 11:13:35 (EST)
May be interested in Yarn as a newsreader. Any suggestions?
Memory H. Turner <mturner3_netexpress.net>
Bettendorf, IA USA - Monday, November 18, 1996 at 19:47:29 (EST)
A QWK fanatic from the early Fidonet days and recent YARN convert. I LIKES. Now I can quit working on the QWK reader I've been helping develop for my Apple II and using for usenet news. Praise "Bob" and thanks for the software.
Doktor DynaSoar Iridium <dynasor_infi.net>
SOmedamnwhere, VA USA - Saturday, November 09, 1996 at 08:23:55 (EST)
I eat alot of pears. Sometimes they are alive; sometimes they are not, and sometimes they aren't pears at all... Makes you think, doesn't it? MAkes you want to eat pears. Ever say a 'a pair of pears.'?
Arlo SMith <bl947_torfree.net>
Ross ICe SHelf, XX Antarctica - Friday, November 01, 1996 at 03:33:19 (EST)
Great page for a SOUPER & Yarn/2 user such as me !
Julien Pierre <madbrain_ibm.net>
Sarasota, FL USA - Friday, October 04, 1996 at 05:56:19 (EDT)
Bitchin' page, dude.
Phil Collier <borealis_juno.com>
Schenectady, , NY USA - Friday, September 27, 1996 at 08:37:08 (EDT)
Thanks for the link to YARNDIAL. Can you update it. version 1.40 (no longer beta) was just uploaded to hobbes (incoming). It should end up in comm. Also uploaded to ftp.cdrom.com pub/os2/incoming, and if I get thru, it will go up on ftp.leo org as well.
Jerry Levy <jlevy_ibm.net>
Marblehead, MA USA - Tuesday, September 24, 1996 at 20:53:02 (EDT)
I often prefer text mode utils, also in OS/2 They react instantly, and are the fastest. Fine to see URLs dedicated to it!
Hallgeir Lied <hlied_online.no>
Aalesund, Norway - Tuesday, September 24, 1996 at 11:56:43 (EDT)
If the mountain will not come to me, I will go to the mountain and beat the rocks out of it. Next time it'll come when called. Matt, this applies to you too for locking me up here when I desperately need the potty.
Faisal Islam <islam_why.net>
Carrollton, TX U.S.A. - Friday, September 13, 1996 at 01:03:09 (EDT)
Anthony Barber <a.barber_qut.edu.au>
Australia - Sunday, September 08, 1996 at 23:56:22 (EDT)
Nice page... found all I need... I hope... Know of any mime decoder that do multi-parts? Thanks once again.
Chua Teng_Thiam <ttchua_netshop.net>
- Thursday, August 22, 1996 at 03:45:44 (EDT)
Hey..What's up? (need yer email address, pls email me).. BTW...installed Merlins beta yet?
Hempster <hempster_io.org>
- Thursday, August 01, 1996 at 14:38:58 (EDT)
I've revised (big-time) my YarnDial program. ReXX front end for Yrn2_xxx and Souper. Menu Driven, and now has memu driven ReXX installer. Anyone out there want to test the beta?? It's freeware. If so, I can mime it to you (zip about 150K or so)
Jerry Levy <jlevy_ibm.net>
Marblehead, MA USA - Monday, July 01, 1996 at 20:22:34 (EDT)
Watch out for shadows
Rik Scarborough <RikSca_ibm.net>
Bellevue, He 68005 - Thursday, June 27, 1996 at 21:14:46 (EDT)
Well, At least ya didn't ask me to use Netscape for this page :)
Kzinti Redclaw <kzinti_iti2.net>
Nowheresville, Co USA - Monday, June 24, 1996 at 06:18:46 (EDT)
Just looking for a better newreader.
bert smith <bwsmith_cencom.net>
- Monday, May 20, 1996 at 00:43:47 (EDT)
Ehh... I am not an OS/2 user.. but I do like signing web-pages! :) And I sure like Yarn! If only Chin could make it do just those little niffy things.....
Zcg of Blue Cybernite <zcg_cybernet.dk>
Glostrup, Denmark - Friday, May 17, 1996 at 19:03:38 (EDT)
...and miles to go before I sleep... Netscape? Feh! :-)
Richard Steiner <rsteiner_skypoint.com>
Bloomington, MN USA - Saturday, May 11, 1996 at 03:57:09 (EDT)
It looks better in Netscape. Lynx stynx.
John A. Stanley <jstanley_gate.net>
Naples, FL - Friday, May 10, 1996 at 15:37:44 (EDT)
Let's talk about leather...
Jon Kaminsky
Tacoma, WA USA - Monday, April 29, 1996 at 04:56:18 (EDT)
The moral of the story below? He would have lived if he wore a pair of Nike.
Terence Sin <as821_torfree.net>
Nuclear Wasteland, On Canada - Sunday, April 28, 1996 at 02:30:03 (EDT)
The moral of the story below? He would have lived if he wore a pair of Nike.
Terence Sin <as821_torfree.net>
Nuclear Wasteland, On Canada - Sunday, April 28, 1996 at 02:29:59 (EDT)
Did you know that Nike was named after an ancient Greek marathon runner, who after running 25 miles on a hot day, dropped dead at the finishing line, but not before saying the word "Nike!"
Terence Sin <as821_torfree.net>
Nuclear Wasteland, On Canada - Sunday, April 28, 1996 at 02:25:02 (EDT)
What - me worry?
Lars Egnell <lars.egnell_era.ericsson.se>
Stockholm, Sweden - Wednesday, April 17, 1996 at 17:59:46 (EDT)
Oh dear, my WebExplorer discovered a dead end in cyberspace once again... Boy, how fast would all this webpages be transmitted without all that graphical Mumbo Jumbo...
Ralf Graf <101611.2710_compuserve.com>
Duesseldorf, Germany - Friday, April 05, 1996 at 18:15:13 (EST)
Found your pages uesful?!#!$! Useful stuff on YARN and SOUP thanks..........
William Boughton <will_spuddy.mew.co.uk>
Henley, England - Wednesday, March 27, 1996 at 07:33:29 (EST)
Testing...testing..One Two...Testing..
Frankie <hempster_io.org>
Tooronto, On Ca - Thursday, March 21, 1996 at 22:03:30 (EST)
May the forgotten dreams of lives past remain dead. They are but whisps, shadows of reality. -Gar Gantuan, 7469
Rob Sweezie <swee0740_mach1.wlu.ca>
Midland, ONo Canada - Wednesday, March 13, 1996 at 15:02:23 (EST)
VAMPIRE WOMEN: A peculiarity of the Mexican horror film is the way their monsters are accepted into the mainstream of day-to-day living. Here a werewolf enjoys a career as a wrestler!
Arlo Smith alias 'BABY GORGO' <bl947_torfree.net>
Upholstered , DRdr One day - Saturday, March 09, 1996 at 07:02:29 (EST)
I'm back! Did you miss me?!
Nigel Constintine <transmuted_ecstasy.com>
- Saturday, March 09, 1996 at 03:22:21 (EST)