About this chart.
As you may have noticed, it is not comprehensive. The idea started when I wanted to visualise the chronological relationship between Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy. I then noticed that Lewis Carroll also fit into that era, although of course in his own little world in England (just think! he could have potentially brushed shoulders with one of these Russian literary giants when he took his one and only long tour, which happened to be of Russia, in 1867). Things branched out from there. I started adding other authors which came to mind, and writers who influenced those writers, and so on, and so forth. So don't be offended if you notice your favorite author has been prejudicially omitted! This list is far from comprehensive, and is really quite whimsical.
Send me the dates you think should be included! The only real rules are that the author must be dead. Include the manner of death, if possible. For most authors, to save space, I only collect the dates of their first major work; and only occassionally note an extraordinary event in a life.