Python Scripts.
Here are some my Python scripts probably no one will find very useful. Python is a multi-platform interpreted language (like Perl, but better). It's not very big to download, and can be installed easily just about anywhere.

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Vaults of Parnassus
VoP Source Here uncomfortably rests some of the source code for Vaults of Parnassus. It is a hastily assembled, unorganised, and mostly undocumented collection of files. I hope to get together a better release in the future, but just wanted to get "anything" out there for now, as it is so long overdue as it is. The curious may peek, the adept may cringe in horror, the reticulated may giggle.

Yarn Related Python Scripts
pine2yarnFolder Convert a Pine mailbox/folder to a Yarn folder. This seems to handle 3 variations on Pine's folder format, so hopefully should work with any Pine folder.
yarnFolder2dateText Write all the messages in a Yarn folder to individual text files, where each text file name is based on the date/time of the message.

Misc Python Scripts

Expire (delete and optionally expunge) messages from IMAP mailboxes/folders which are older than the given number of days. Very simple, but flexible and useful (to me!) script. (2002-Sept-21)

One step better than keeping your passwords in a plain text file! This password manager is a commandline util to keep your passwords in an encrypted file (password protected) file which can then be queried for the desired password. (2001-Nov-1)

A crude web spider with only one purpose: mercilessly suck the background images from all web pages it can find. Understands frames and redirects, uses MD5 to elimate duplicates. Need web page backgrounds? This'll get lots of them. Sadly, most are very tacky, and Backcrawler can't help with that. Requires Threads.

A small self-contained multi-file CGI uploader so people can upload files to your web site. Upload up to 5 files at a time. Definable upload directory. Definable maximum number of Kb to allow stored. E-mails upload reports with sendmail.

I never really intended to "release" this, but since someone was asking for examples on the newsgroup, i figured i'd throw it up, since it seems to work well enough for me.

SlashDotTicker 1.0 Just a simple SlashDot headline viewer Python script, utilising the Tkinter GUI. Articles can be opened via web browser. View screen capture here. (1999/9/12)
CheckWebServer Give it an URL or a host name and all this little hack does is contact the server, and dump all the HTTP headers for you to see. I use it for identifying what web server a site is using (as shown in the "Server:" header). It runs from the command line, but I also slapped a simple web interface into it which you can try out right here. (1999/9/13)
RegRen 1.4 A somewhat complicated file renamer. It can rename files based on regular expressions. It can insert timestamps and numbered sequences into filenames; or convert filenames to upper/lower case or capitalise them. (2001/1/10)

FTE Text Editor Mode

FTE (Folding Text Editor) is a nice text editor available for Unix/Win32/OS2 (with source). Here is a Python mode for it. The colour syntax highlighting is very complete; however there is no support for auto indent at this time, unfortunately.

Note: FTE is fairly complex to set up, though not as complex as something like Emacs. If you are using the Win32 binary, you will also need to get the source code so to get the raw FTE config files which you will need to compile along with thie python mode here with the FTE config file compiler (CFTE).

See screen capture below for an example of how it looks. Select the graphic below to enlarge for a closer look.

If you like VIM, i also assembed a few tips for it as well.

FTE Python Mode Screen Capture (small)



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