Fingering God?

We have all heard marvellous tales of people looking for divine guidance, who have opened their Bibles at random and placed their finger arbitrarily down and read whatever happened to be there, immediately receiving the insight which made clear their path in a most miraculous light. This is a charmingly quaint notion, but of course seriously flawed. Nay, friends, let us not doubt the authority of the Word; I merely mean that statistically when one flops open a book it can not be so random: it tends to fall open generally towards the middle. It is a matter of physics. Likewise, our sincerely seeking finger is more than likely to land somewhere near the middle of the middlish page. It is a matter of tendancy. Ah, but now, we fortunate few, have at last the technology to once and for all release ourselves from these limitations; now, with computer assistance we can truly have served to us a completely (pseudo-) random verse. And so, on the theory that "every word of God is flawless" (Pr 30:5), you may now close your eyes and let your cyber finger fall on a...

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