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REXX, a most powerful, flexible, and simple interpreted script language, being built right into the OS/2 operating system is one of the major benefits of running OS/2. REXX can be used to do just about anything.

Here is a collection of REXX scripts that might be useful for you to use with Yarn. (If you have any REXX programs you would like to share here, please write. So without further ado, here is the current collection in chronological order:

  1. Expire with Wildcards -- this script does not really use wildcards, but will allow you to run Yarn's expire program and match only certain newsgroup names in a similar way as wildcards would be used. For more details and instructions of how to use it, download it and read the comments at the beginning of the file.

    If you want to expire all newsgroups except ones matching word paterns then this Expire-All-Except script should do the trick for you.

  2. Automating Souper to download mail unattended at various intervals, and also forward mail, is the purpose of these two REXX scripts posted in an interesting message by Jim Fowler to the Yarn mailing list.

  3. NRC-Sort 1.1 will quickly find your newsrc file and sort it (no matter its size) into alphabetical order. Optionally, you can specify which newsgroups ("list.yarn" and/or "alt.books", for example) you want to always stay at the top of your newly sorted newsrc list. Version 1.1 now lets you also specify newsgroups you want to always remain at the bottom of the list.

  4. URLGet is quite a good idea! A rexx script that the author suggests to be run from a menu called when you issue the "X" (Decrypt/Extract) command from yarn. The script, if selected from that menu (which is not supplied), will scan the message for any URLs and store them, with a description (which it prompts you for), in an HTML file for future reference. This script currently relies on 4os2 for an input routine, but i believe Morten Frederiksen, the author, is still working on it, and will be making it CMD.EXE compatible as he has done with the other script he offers immediately below:

  5. YarnEdit is another script by Morten Frederiksen, which he uses to start his editor (or in this case yep). This script demonstrates the flexibility we have with REXX to do pre-process manipulation of messages with relative ease to make SIGs and headers do just exactly what we want them to do. In this case Morton wants his PGP key and "quote" to be included at the end of the message, but before his sig. This rexx script allows him (or you) to do that.

  6. SoupPost 1.3 is a really handy (if i do say so myself) rexx program which will post text files as Email into SOUP reply packets from the command line. Very easy to use, just specify who the post is to (on the command line), the subject, and the text file to post... hit enter. Done! Well first you have to edit a few variables at the beginning of the script (well commented) to define your soup packet name, and so on... piece of cake. Lots of error checking to make sure your SOUP reply packets never corrupt. Since it's a REXX script all the source code is right there ready to be customized in any way you may desire as well...

  7. If you, by some strange chance, are a frequenter of talk.bizarre you should by now know that all articles posted to the group are subject to voting. The articles with the highest rankings in the votes are compiled into a "Best Of" collection for the month. With this "Bvote" package of REXX scripts you can make voting on talk.bizarre articles automatic. Once set up, all you have to do is press "|" and pipe the message to the bvote program which will prompt you for your rating of the article, and then create a properly formatted vote. When you exit yarn the script then automatically inserts the votes into your SOUP reply packet ready for uploading.

  8. This "Text-2-Folder 1.1" Rexx script does just what it sounds like it might do. It takes a text file and inserts it into one of your Yarn folders, quick and dirty, not to mention configurable. But of course being a REXX script... configurable is an understatement. (OS/2 and PC-DOS 7)

  9. Phil Crown describes his "Get Mail/News 1.0" Souper scripts' operation saying, "After I get connected to my ISP, I open two OS/2 command line windows, and type "getmail" in one and "getnews" in the other. The scripts will send new mail/news, if found, then download mail/news and run import. Getmail.cmd runs continously, Getnews.cmd runs only once. See the *.cmd files for more info..."

  10. Here is a page of some miscellaneous rexx scripts by Jamie someone or other; including a handy looking utility called "ScanFold", which will search Yarn folders and news spool (0.89 format?) for keywords using logical AND, OR and NOT operators. This is a really industrial strength script!

  11. Foldup scans YARN folders and lets you know how many items and thier average sizes are contained (similar to what NNIGN does for YARN news). It also can delete any duplicate messages (useful to remove all those duplicates that accumulate in your MAILED and POSTED folders, from re-editing outgoing messages). And more, it can now delete messages from folders older than a date you specify. Download FoldUP 2.1 and see for yourself! This script will run on Standard OS/2, PC-DOS7, as well as Object REXX for OS2 and WinNT/95.

  12. Just a simple script to do ROT13 "encryption" (Yarn decrypts on the screen with the 'x' key). (Note FTE 0.43 text editor has this built in).

  13. Incase you ever needed to convert your NEWS.DAT file to an RNEWS batch (which can then be re-imported into yarn... to merge news.dat files from one machine to another, or any other reason you might have), here's some easy to use scripts! You can also convert the entire NEWS.DAT to a single Yarn Folder! There's also a script to convert Folders to "Email" which yarn can re-import.

  14. UCEreport 1.3 (Unsolicited Commercial Email) is a script you can pipe SPAM messages to. It will then attempt to create a standard complaint text including the full headers of the offending message. script by Michael Zolk.

  15. Yarn History Page Hash Dumper is a very basic script which will output the contents of the yarn history.pag file to plain text. There is a (unofficial) description of the *.pag file format.

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