Online HTML Colour X-Fader:

A simple, subtle, striking, or even suggestigive, cross fade between well chosen colours can add life, texture, and potential excitement to your flat old html text and table cells. You can create such gradients here, online. For more info see the new FAQ page!
Two Colour
Text Fades
  Multi Colour
Text Fades
  Table Fader
Create a simple smooth colour gradient between any two colours.
  Create complex and dangerous colour gradients between up to seven colours.

  Create HTML tables with gradiated colour backgrounds in a number of patterns. (Examples here!)
Shakespeare Says:
Most radiant, exquisite and unmatchable
beauty,---I pray you, tell me if this be the lady of the
house, for I never saw her: I would be loath to cast away
my speech, for besides that it is excellently well penned,
I have taken great pains to con it.
-- Twelfth Night, I.v

There are programs available to accomplish HTML text fades---but who needs the bother of tedius installation procedures, who wants that often bloated software taking up your disk space, and who likes to be tied down to one computer where your software is installed on a single platform? Colour gradient designs can be accomplish here, online, quick and easy, with no install/uninstall messes, none of your disk space used up, and best of all you can do it from anywhere at any time.