Random Colour Schemes
used by the X-Fader System:




A random colour is chosen from among only the 16 basic colours: black, navy, blue, green, teal, lime, aqua, maroon, purple, olive, gray, silver, red, fuchsia, yellow, and white. This is a good choice if you want "purer" colours in your table.

Name:   A random selection is made from any of the 140 colours named by Netscape. This is a good choice for a limited by wide variety of "good" colours; however you will find that the majority of them are on the "light" side of the spectrum (which may be perfect, if you use dark text in your table---but not so good, if you prefer dark backgrounds and light text).
Safe:   A random colour is generated sort of using the so-called "safe" web colour palette. In reality this only means that there are only 6 choices each for the Red, Green, and Blue values, plus a few extras, making a total of 240 possible colours. You have more chance of getting something nearer to a "pure" colour with this option than you would have with the "Random True" option, though "pure" colours will still be rare occurances.
True:   Absolutely any of the 16.7 million possible colours is chosen. With this option you can get virtually any shade, however in reality, of course, the odds against getting any pure colours are very great.


Bonus Tip! If you are using a lot of random colours and some come out well, but are spoiled by a few which look terrible---look at the bottom left corner of your browser where the fade colours are listed, and figure out which colour codes are the good ones. Then copy and paste the good colour codes into the appropriate "code" slot in the Fader form and press the "Fade Me!" button again. In this way the slots with no code will create new random colours, but the slots where you've filled in the code will maintan their "good colour" that you have specified.

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